Landers Promotes Safe Shopping in All Branches

Runner Rocky
With the easing of quarantine regulations, Landers Superstore is expecting an influx of excited members looking forward to enjoy its exclusive sales and promos, wide range of products, and different food and pastry shops. 

As part of its initiative to promote safe shopping, the country’s fastest growing membership shopping establishment reminds members to follow store policies for the safety of both its customers and employees.

At the entrance, alcohol dispensers are ready for use and shoppers are required to step on the disinfecting mats before proceeding to the store premises. The shopping carts are regularly disinfected, as well as the checkout counters after every transaction.

Shoppers and employees are required to wear face masks all the time and to strictly observe social distancing. At the checkout counter, everyone is encouraged to stay behind the yellow lines when waiting for your turn.

Store management is also limiting the number of people inside the shopping area. In case the store is at full capacity, shoppers will have to patiently wait for their turn while maintaining a distance of at least one meter from other customers.

In case you get hungry and decide to grab a bite, food stores within Landers Superstore, including Landers Central with their delicious New York offerings, Dough and Co. with their tasty pastries, and Doppio with their fresh brews and ice cream, are open for takeout services only.

Visit Landers Superstore branches in Alabang, ArcoVia City, EDSA Balintawak, Otis, or Cebu to enjoy a safe and enjoyable grocery experience. For more information about Landers Superstore’s exclusive offerings, visit 07/07/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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