Hopes in the New Normal Come to Life!

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While our hopes for a more "mobile" and slowly functioning metro is seeing light, the New Normal can also inspire us to keep our positivity intact - By: Wilbur Wilbur

Now that the second half of the year is unfolding, let us all thank Him Above and Ourselves for becoming triumphant survivors in this times when fear and uncertainty lock us down.

Yes triumph and new things are what we must have in the New Normal. Because blessings and good things will come!

Sofia Andres Now a Mother

Let us all be happy for the blessing Sofia Andres and boyfriend Daniel Miranda has! The Bagani actress is now a mother! They both had new angel Zoe christened very recently at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Church.

Time was when rumours circulated that the once busy actress was pregnant. But she was wise to keep quiet and just chose to free her mind of stress that can be spawned by preying eyes and she be reduced to tabloid fodder. Add to that her admittance of having her own problematic personality that was disturbing her. All these apparently perished and she triumphed!

Now she is beaming and happy with so much joy and pride! After giving birth in Australia, having the love of Daniel and the support of close pals like A-List actress like Kathryn Bernardo, we can assure ourselves Sophia is getting the measure of security she deserves! Let us congratulate this gorgeous couple and welcome Zoe to the Christian world!

Can Something Sweet Come Out While Helping People?....

Netizens are instantly roused to excitement, hope and "Kilig" when Pasig Mayor Vicco Sotto and New Generation Movie Queen Bea Alonzo met with each other during the actress's helping drive activities of delivering and distributing relief goods and important paraphernalia for frontliners, medical workers and unemployed citizens in the wake of the Pandemic.

She turned over the donations of IAmHope Organization to the frontliners of Pasig City that include streetsweepers and garbage collectors.

The young and simpatico Mayor (son of Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes) who personally met with the actress and stood beside her for posterity, posted a message of thanks to the actress, to which, she instantly responded. Pictures of them although observing social distancing and donning facial masks circulated over the net, drew not only thumbs of approval and thoughts of them 'looking good together'. The pinch of "Kilig" that slithered to every netizen presswired thoughts, feelings, oh yes and perceptions of ....something.... hopefully something...can be in the future! Well that is why the word 'Hope' is a very promising word in the English language!

Ryza Rises With Happiness in Pregnancy!

Wonderful actress Ryza Cenon stole viewers' attention and critics' acclaim for her feisty performances in The General's Daughter and Ika-6 Na Utos teleseryes.

In Ika-6 Na Utos in particular, her conniving and lying Georgia will do anything to keep her man (ever-youthful Gabby Concepcion). She even fakes her pregnancy!

Ironically in real life, Gorgeous Ryza is happy to admit she is now five months pregnant! The lucky father is acclaimed cinematographer Miguel Antonio Cruz (T'yanak, The Girl in the Orange Dress), a native of Bohol and based in Manila. They prefer to forego plans of a wedding for perhaps they don't find it wise to tie the knot even while the National Capital Region is still under MCQ regulations. It can mean they are simply enjoying the moments of their togetherness. After all let us put it this way....better is Wedding Be Postoned than Wedding in Pandemic di ba?... what do you think?...
Plus with the actress now sporting a chic pixie haircut, she has more important things to attend to, like being a restaurateur to being a significant other to her cinematogra-lovey, and attending to her pregnancy! Let us wait for a new equally gorgeous angel soon! 07/04/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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