Scents to Uplift your Quarantine Mood

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Feeling down and bored at home? Life in quarantine has been a tedious experience for many. One of the clever ways to improve your daily disposition is through scents.

You may not be aware of it but different scents affect your brain. Think about how excited you get when you smell your favorite food from the kitchen; the same effect happens when you catch a whiff of your favorite perfume.

So turn that frown upside down and let Blackwater help you lift your spirits during these times.

Calm your mind. Research has shown that perfume relieves stress and anxiety. For example, the scent of aquatic perfumes is instantly energizing and refreshing. The light and fresh notes will make you feel like taking a stroll along a breezy sea shore. Looking for a similar fragrance? Try Blackwater Aqua for Men (P135) for a relaxing marine scent.

Improve productivity. Experts say that working from home can be mentally exhausting. If you face distractions at home, wearing a perfume can help one way or another. Spraying on stimulating fragrances, like citrus, can enhance performance on work-related tasks by increasing alertness and promoting concentration. If you need some vitalizing citrus scent, you can spray on Blackwater Sports 4 (P135).

Create a sense of normalcy. Missing your ordinary life? A scent can be nostalgic and make you remember people, places, and things that you can’t interact with at the moment. Even if you are just at home, why not use the perfume you wear at work or during a night-out with friends? If you also want to try a different scent, you can also can also find more fresh-smelling perfumes from Blackwater by visiting its website and official Lazada page.

Times may be difficult but it only takes a few spritz to help you continue smelling good and feeling good. 07/04/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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