BPI Family Auto Loan Shares 3 Tips in Buying your Dream Car

Rocky Batara

What’s the next big thing that you want to achieve, now that you’re starting your career, and earning your own money?  

Do you have a plan on how you are going to spend your hard-earned cash?  Are you thinking of buying a new phone, a laptop, or a new wardrobe? While these may be tempting, for sure you are also dreaming of having your own car in the future.

The biggest question you might have is, “Kaya ko na kayang magkaroon ng sariling kotse?” Now don’t you worry because we have an answer for you! As you are earning your own money now, this could be your way to start saving up for your dream car. 

And since New Year just ushered in, it would be best to add this on your bucket list this 2016! Always remember that it’s never too early to reach your dreams. So better start saving up! 

“Looking for a car that matches your need and budget is an exciting experience, especially for a first-timer. Before deciding to bring home that dream car, a number of things have to be considered. Below are a few tips that may guide you, young dreamers, in making wise use of your hard-earned money to help make that dream come true,” says Pepe Carlos, VP and head of BPI Family Auto Loan Division.

Yes, at this point in your life, it may seem intimidating just thinking about how to get your own car, but with proper guidance and advice from the experts, you can make your dream come true!

Here are three tips that can help you in planning, saving up and finally bringing home that dream car.

1. Know which car is right for you. Determine what kind of car you really need. It is quite challenging, so you need to carefully study your options. Whether you’re a businessman, an architect, an engineer, a call center employee, a social media specialist, a sales and marketing executive, etc., choose the car that is best suited for your daily use.
When choosing your car, several things such as car brand, model, price, and your budget should be well thought off. You may visit www.bpiloans.com, a virtual car showroom, where people looking for a brand new car can view and compare the vehicles that are available in the market today. It has a comprehensive car buyer’s guide, a user-friendly auto loan calculator, an easy to use self-assessment test and a simple online application form.

2. Plan your budget well. In getting a brand new car, your budget may be the most important concern that you have to think about. You need to ask yourself, “What can I really afford?”

Before you decide on making that purchase, list down your expenses. Check out how much you spend for your daily commute; see which part of your daily/monthly budget you can cut down or save. 

There are other incidental expenses related to the purchase of a car that you also need to take care of like car insurance, chattel mortgage, and registration fees, among others.  Some banks offer FREE insurance for the first year, so it’s important to check what offers are out there too. You can take a portion of your mid-year bonus and other monetary incentives you’ll get to add to your savings so you can allot it for the down payment of your dream car. It is typically at least 20% of the car price. 

With these penned down, you can now calculate how much your monthly amortization will be, given a certain down payment via www.bpiloans.com. You can take the 60-Second Online Loan Pre-Qualification tool found in the website to see if you’re already qualified to apply for BPI Family Auto Loan. It’s easy, convenient and hassle-free!

3. Ask the experts. Reach out to the experts who know about bank financing for your Auto Loan. Seek a conversation with a BPI Family Bank representative to help you make the right decision and get the best deal. You may visit any BPI branch or drop by 102 Paseo in Makati to have a chat and learn more about your options.

So what are you waiting for? Getting your dream car is possible!

Pepe Carlos concludes, “A lot of people think that the process of buying a car can be a challenging one. But as long as you are informed and prepared, it doesn’t have to be.” 

With BPI Family Auto Loan, let’s make your dream happen! (The Lifestyle Portal) 

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