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Providing HEALTHcare the right WAY

Since 1997, Healthway Medical has earned a remarkable reputation in the Philippines by providing its valued clients with excellent primary and specialty care that promotes healthy living as a lifestyle.

Besides being the country’s trusted and most preferred network of mall-based clinics, Healthway Medical is driven to make quality care resonate in all its seven clinics in major shopping malls namely—Festival Mall, Alabang Town Center, Shangri-La Plaza, Robinson’s Place Manila, SM The Block, Market! Market! and Greenbelt 5 branches.

At Healthway Medical, walk-in patients, major health cardholders and corporate clients can receive quality medical services even without being admitted to top hospitals. Outpatient procedures such as incision, biopsies, circumcision, liposuction, cataract and endoscopic procedures can be done at any Healthway clinic.

The Clinic Management System (CMS) allows doctors to view patient records online, thus making it convenient for the patient to visit any Healthway clinic. Healthway is the first in the country to run this system and connect its network of clinics.

A gift of health is in the cards

Instead of giving a simple greeting card, share with loved ones a health card that will surely wish good health. Our personalized membership cards can be a perfect gift for any occasion. Just give a photo of the loved one and the personalized gift will be available in an instant!

Get one for yourself too and enjoy a fleet of health benefits from any of our membership cards!

The HealthWallet Card

Healthway’s latest innovation is the revolutionary HealthWallet card that applies a debit system that allow to share good health to its clients and their loved ones and let them enjoy a wide variety of benefits for a period of one year at any Healthway Medical clinic and pharmacy.

 Flexible
 Consumable
 Transferable
 Re-loadable
 Loaded with benefits
 Security
 Unlimited

Healthway right at the workplace

Healthway Medical’s seven multi-specialty clinics in Metro Manila are also complimented by over 50

Corporate Clinic Services (CCS) nationwide. CCS is Healthway’s comprehensive clinic management offered to companies that can help establish occupational health and safety programs for a company.

With CSS, a company is assured of constant clinic innovation and maintenance, monthly reports are sentincluding comprehensive Annual Physical Examination results and a wellness program that can be
tailored to the needs of the employees.

As a CCS client, companies will have an access to Healthway’s Health Master System, a web-based
medical record that includes patient information, daily transactions, issued medicines, medical history,
assessment notes per patient and clinic transaction history.

Design your own Benefit Plan through MEDI-access

In line with Healthway Medical’s continuous effort in providing superior healthcare to patients, the
company created MEDI-access. MEDI-access is a third-party administration program that offers
administrative expertise and a network of healthcare providers nationwide. It caters to in-patient, outpatient
and emergency requirements of organizations; a flexible, comprehensive and cost-effective
employee benefit program.

MEDI-Access offers a balance between cost efficiency and quality healthcare. Instead of paying
premiums on a regular basis, you only pay for the actual healthcare costs you consume. This means
greater control over your investment and considerable savings on health-related costs.

Flexible Plan

The organization will now have the privilege to customize its own health benefit plan for a healthy
workforce according to its profile and budget requirements.
Nationwide Accessibility
No cash out and easy access to over 600 hospitals and clinics nationwide.
Maximize Savings

You do not need to pay for monthly premium! The organization only pays for the access to our network
and the actual services utilized by the employees. No administrative fee for all service availments at any
Healthway Medical clinic. This means greater control over your investment and considerable savings on
health-related costs.

Web-based HR Portal

The HR Portal is an online Enrollment System created especially for MEDI-access Program. The main objective of HR Portal is to enhance the enrollment process wherein the HR representatives can do the process without any hassle!
Thus, this system will lessen the clerical work of HR practitioners.
Integrated Healthcare Management
MEDI-access thrust is geared towards preventive healthcare. Thus, we promote healthy lifestyle through our routine health monitoring, annual physical examination, insurance coverage, doctors and nurses in the worksites and other related health and wellness campaign.

A way to a healthy smile

Healthway Dental

Your pearly whites deserve to be healthy. Here at Healthway, a roster of competent dentists performs the following services that will help you maintain a healthy set of teeth.
Specialized Services

A. Cataractphil

The discoloration or clouding of the normally clear lens of the eye called
Cataract is one of the leading causes of blindness in the world. Many of our elderly loved ones suffer from this condition. Some of its symptoms are having a clouded or blurred vision, increased difficulty of vision at night, sensitivity to light and glare, double vision in a single eye and seeing yellowish colors.

Healthway offers an effective treatment of cataract through Cataractphil, our signature brand of cataract surgery that is proven to bring back the clear vision of people suffering from cataracts.
Through Cataractphil, we bring vision into focus. Our regular and senior citizen’s packages both include the procedure, doctor’s professional fee, operating room fee, post-procedure check-up and intra ocular lens.

B. Agilityphil

Healthway’s brand of physical therapy services include not only physical therapy package but also a wellness program that helps maintain and even improve your agility at home, at work or even in sports. Agilityphil is a multi-disciplinary service spearheaded by our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists.

C. Endoscophil

Colorectal Cancer, a malignant growth in the walls of the colon or rectum, is the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths among Filipinos. Some of the common symptoms are blood in the stool, anemia, a change in bowel habit, abdominal pain and unexplained weight loss. However, it is sometimes asymptomatic.

An early detection of deadly intestinal cancer may lead to an actual cure. If you are over 50 years old and you have a family history of bowel cancer or you have more than eight years of inflammatory bowel disease, we recommend a screening by certified specialists.

Endoscophil is Healthway’s fast and reliable out-patient screening performed by certified and competent doctors. The screening includes colonoscopy, gastroscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center

Experience a holistic approach to skin and body rejuvenation with Clarity.
Helping you care for your company’s assets
Your employees are among the important assets of your company, and their health condition greatly affects the company’s performance. Pay close attention to the health of your assets by requiring them to undergo Pre-Employment Screening and Annual Physical Examination.

Pre-employment Exam and Annual Physical Exam are part of the corporate health plans we offer at Healthway. Our corporate health packages can be modified according to the needs of your company.

Our healthcare professionals are competently trained to provide a comprehensive physical examination that helps maintain or improve your employees’ health.

This includes:

Full medical examination
Complete blood count
Chest x-ray

HealthCheQ: Be the CEO of your own health!

At Heathway, we help you achieve good health even with your fast-paced lifestyle. HealthCheQ is Healthway Medical’s premium brand of Executive
Check-Up. It is designed to respond to the needs of individuals who value health and time. Our HealthCheQ package includes complete laboratory & imaging studies, a comprehensive physical evaluation, and special examinations, with the assurance of a delivery of results within 24 hours upon completion of tests. We are also giving you the option to enjoy an overnight hotel stay, gym
membership, spa and massage treatments or yoga sessions to complete your wellness experience.
ABPharma, Inc.

In every Healthway clinic, there is a pharmacy where you can conveniently purchase your medicines at a cost equal to or even lower than the price specified by leading drugstores.
Quality healthcare at the comfort of your own home

Home Healthcare Services

Through Healthway Medical Laboratory Arm, we offer home services for busy executives, private patients and insurance clients who prefer to receive our medical services at their most convenient location and time. Our home services include blood extraction, Electrocardiogram (ECG) and full medical examination (for insurance clients).

Prevention is better than cure

We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Hence, we make these vaccines and tests available for you. Just visit any of our clinics and protect yourself.  - The Lifestyle Portal

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