Wear It Your Way with Wacoal

Rocky Batara
Wacoal is truly a brand that suits the woman's modern lifestyle. Their line of undergarments perfectly blend with the different outfits every woman wear. 

Since I'm in my mid 20s, my choice of bra falls in this category. And under this class, the one that perfectly fits to my lifestyle is their Sorci BM 3119 model.

Here is the bra that I love most: 

The Sporty Bra BM 3119

I love this bra because it perfectly fits fashionably with my three outfits below:

First, since it's a sporty bra, it blends perfectly with jogging outfit. During jogging, I wear light shirts and jogging pants. This bra is light and fresh to wear makes me feel comfortable during jogging.     

Second, this bra also feels good to me wearing it during my zumba class. Yes, it perfectly and fashionably great to wear with my zumba dress.

And third, for an office professional like me who always commute in MRT, this bra is also great to wear with my semi-formal office attire. Yeah, this bra keeps me cool and comfortable every rush hour like this!

This are the three outfits that fashionably great to wear with this style of Wacoal brand. You may check more of the Wear it Your Way designs by clicking the image below:  

You may even visit their official website at http://www.wacoal.ph for more of the new exciting stuffs. 

So wear your way, wear Warcoal the brand every woman today wears! Now, I'll ask you, which of the following designs you love and like the most to wear and fits your lifestyle?!  - The Lifestyle Portal 

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