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BCDA is a friend not enemy - Baguio City

Shaira May symbolizes a Filipino citizen, someone who is curious on what is happening around the government.

Shaira May reads the open letter of Bases Conservation and Development Authority(BCDA) Ariel Paciano D. Casanova wrote to Baguio City Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan. It was released to the press and media.

It gives a lot of curiosity. She can’t understand many things.

Why does it need to be like that way? Why just now. Whatever the reason is, this act looks weird.

She continues to read about the letter until she is in the part of the claim.

This open letter claims friendship with both parties. BCDA wants the public to believe that they are partner of Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevCo) in developing Baguio when in fact it's more like just making life difficult for Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevCo)

Casanova also admits in his letter that Camp John Hay Development Corp. (CJHDevCo) remits 256 million rental fee share to the city government of Baguio for the Camp John Hay facilities.

For friends to take the media as the first venue in ventilating and clarifying significant concerns is uncommon.

As a response to Casanova's open letter, Baguio City Mayor Mauricio G. Domogan and Congressman Nicasio M. Aliping, Jr. made a statement published that yes they do consider friendship with BCDA.

Yes it was true that Baguio City received more than 256 Million from BCDA as share in rent to Camp John Hay but did not remit the entire share of the City from what BCDA collected from the lease rentals of John Hay.

BCDA is a friend not enemy. Baguio City government never perceive BCDA as an enemy. They are always considered partner in realizing the development of Camp John Hay.

In the way the present officials of BCDA are treating the city does not represent and speak well of the real definition of the word “friend”.

Baguio city is aware of the dispute between the BCDA and Camp John Hay Development Corporation.

They strongly suggested to BCDA through Casanova and John Hay Management Corporation President Jamie Agbayani and JHMC Board of Directors Chair Sylvestre Afable for the BCDA, CJHDevCo, and the city to sit down in the negotiating table and audit/review the provisions of the agreement between BCDA and CJHDevCo.

As she continue reading, Shaira May thinks she has the same question with many Baguio residents.

But what is the real intention of Casanova? Suddenly he becomes like an ally?


  1. I think the right term to use is the word Frenemy meaning they are making Baguio think tha they are not the enemy but only because they have a vested interest.

  2. Friendship with 'strings attached'. Without its vested interests, will the BCDA do its part in this friendship deal?

  3. I agree with the last line, what is the motive of Casanova in releasing open letter to press and media? If he wants the public to believe that he is a friend, I don't think a letter is needed.

  4. No he doesn't want to be an ally. I do not agree with that. I think he is just trying to inject some good influence and gain public support for BCDA's future projects.

  5. I think his intention's to make Baguio residents and the city government believe that he actually motivates the positive actions against CJHDevCo. Thus, making this open letter as a sign of his concern over the case. That deep inside he wanted Ayala to take over the management of Camp John Hay. It's just some kind of mind conditioning but Mayor Domogan replied with truth and fairness.

  6. Casanova should not make us blind. He does not know what he is saying when he said BCDA is a friend, it's a blackmail

  7. I think Cassanova wanted to be on the good side of Baguio City by releasing the letter. I just wonder what the BCDA's underlying motive?

  8. A. very. good .used. of. a. fictitious .name. of .Shair .May.. However,. it. sounds .foreign.. Anyway, .the .issue. on .friendship. as .claimed. by. BCDA. CEO .Casanova. is. quite. dubious.. Mayor. Domogan .of .Baguio. City .questioned. it. for .some. reasons .which. he. could. substantiate. it.. The .Mayor .is. entitled .for. his. stand.. In. fairness. with. Mr.. Casanova, .he. has. it. too.


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