Tonneau Covers To Check Out This 2022

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Whether you’re buying a tonneau cover for yourself or a friend, selecting the right type can be a challenge. There are many different quality brands out there, not to mention the different Tonneau styles from which you can choose. To help guide you in your decision-making process, here are some excellent tonneau covers to check out for your 2022 gifting needs.


Bestop Tonneau Cover

The Bestop brand is well-known for providing exceptional quality tonneau covers. If you buy a Bestop Tonneau Cover, you can rest assured you’re getting a product that’s designed to last for years. This brand offers hard, soft, tri-fold, hinged, roll-up and other tonneau cover design options. Prices range from impressively low to high, so be sure to consider your budget before buying your cover of choice.

It’s also important to check the VIN on your vehicle and make sure the tonneau cover you choose will fit properly. Find your VIN on the lower left side of your dashboard. Or, it may be located on the front side of the engine block.

Bestop tonneau covers use a hook-and-loop fastener system to attach securely to the rail. The soft covers are treated for UV and mildew resistance. No matter what type of cover you get from this brand, you can rest assured it’s designed to withstand all types of weather conditions.

Extang Tonneau Cover

Extang is another well-known tonneau cover brand. Like Bestop, Extang offers tonneau covers in an impressive variety of configurations and price points. The lowest Extang tonneau cover tier tends to be a bit more expensive than the lowest Bestop tonneau cover tier. Keep that in mind when you’re shopping on a budget.

An Extang Tonneau Cover is one of the best gifts you can give the Jeep or truck owners in your life. When deciding whether to get a soft or hard cover, ask the gift recipient which type they prefer. Some people love the flexibility of soft covers while others prefer the durability of hard covers.  

Extang tonneau covers are easy to install, thanks to their unique clamping system that’s exclusive to the Extang brand. JawGrip clamps help ensure the cover stays secure to the vehicle without damaging the bed of the truck.

LEER Tonneau Cover

Rounding out the list of top tonneau cover brands, LEER is known for delivering high-quality products at a reasonable price. Leer uses a patent-pending CYNC™ latching system to make it easy for users to open the cover using just two fingers! The simple, one-person installation capability makes a LEER Tonneau Cover a highly practical gift. Or if you don’t feel like giving it to someone else, feel free to keep it for yourself.

LEER tonneau covers feature rounded corners that protect what’s in the bed of your vehicle from water damage. Each cover is designed to fit a specific vehicle make, model and year. So be sure to get the appropriate cover for your vehicle!

Whether you’re feeling generous and gifting to someone else or buying a tonneau cover for yourself, check out the above options. When you buy a cover made by a reputable brand, you’re getting a quality product that’s designed to last. 12/21/2022 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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