We are Family (WAF), Your Pet Care 101!

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For some, pets mean a lot of hard work. Imagine investing time, effort, and even money to raise a dog or a cat, which sometimes became a source of frustration.


Yet, a lot of people still choose to own or adopt a pet. It is because, despite all the hard work in raising them, it’s all worth it. These pets are more than just four-legged fur creatures; they are like our babies; they are like our family that we can’t find anywhere else.

Just like our family, we want to keep them safe and healthy. But, unlike humans, we can’t easily understand what they are feeling. They can only bark, purr, or cry when they want to tell you something. If only they arrived with an instruction manual and a language that you could easily understand.

So, to give you a guide towards “Fur Parenting,” CADE (Companion Animal Digital Engagement), introduced We Are Family (WAF) (https://www.weare-family.com/ph/), an online community and your go-to website for different things you want to know as a fur parent. 


Whether you’re looking for tips and bits of advice for your dogs or cats, WAF has everything to offer. What else can you check on WAF?

They can give you easy-to-understand tips and different approaches to keep your dogs and cats healthy. These are all well-researched and backed up by studies and pet care professionals’ advice.

Searching the internet for the best food advice for your dog or cat can be tiring. It will always give you a never-ending list of suggestions. But under the category of Care & Nutrition, they collated a highly recommended list of advice and tips that you can just quickly read.

If you wonder how other fur parents can quickly train their pets, they also started reading or watching the expert’s tips. Get these tips from this category. Understand more your cat or dog’s behavior, especially if they are just new to your family.

The categories don’t just end there, as they also have the Pet Park, where you can casually (not walk but) browse and enjoy watching DIY videos and tips.

This one-click-away guide to “fur-enting” is just a step for a happy life with your pet. A regular visit to your veterinarian is still the most essential to good pet health. And, of course, keeping track of your pet’s Bravecto dose to provide long-lasting protection against common parasites in dogs and cats. Learn more about how you can protect your furbaby against parasites at http://www.bravecto.com.ph/. 02/22/2022 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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