Hi-Precision 'Blotto' Winner Brings Home 250K Pesos

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Leading diagnostic clinic, Hi-Precision Diagnostics (HPD) hosted the grand raffle draw for its silver anniversary promo, where the winner of the first ever blood-test lotto in the world was picked.

“With Blotto, we wanted to create something different for Hi-Precision and our loyal patrons who have supported us the past 25 years. We envisioned something creative, unexpected, and out-of-the-box, especially coming from a healthcare company. But while the initiative is grounded on ‘fun,’ it’s also meaningful in the sense that it helps our patients know their health status.” says Hi-Precisions vice president of sales and marketing, Melissa Ongsue- Lee. 


The campaign “Blotto” or Blood Lotto started accepting entries last November 8 until the end of January this year. During those three months, Hi-Precision received a total of 175,355 entries. Every Hi-Precision patient who had their blood tested during the period automatically had an entry in the Blotto. Their CBC and platelet count blood test result was their ticket to winning in the grand draw.

The holder of the numbers 62669 was declared the winner of Php 250,000 in a livestream on Hi-Precision’s Facebook page.
Five other participants whose blood-test results match four out of five winning numbers also won Php 25,000 each as consolation prize. 

Beyond the cash prize, Hi-Precision reminds the public to check their health by getting their blood tested regularly. Early detection can save us in the long run.

“We hope to create more out-of-the-box campaigns that will make healthcare less intimidating and more approachable. Through our projects and other initiatives, we also hope to inspire more people to become more proactive in their health and fitness,” adds Ongsue-Lee.
The Blotto was developed by Hi-Precision Diagnostic Center in partnership with GIGIL, a leading independent ad agency.

Visit here to learn more about HPD’s services. 02/22/2022 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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