One of the Country’s Premiere Pawnshops Celebrates 67 Years of Service to the Filipino

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For more than six decades, one of the country’s leading pawnshops, Villarica has continuously served the Filipino public with a host of services that have evolved with the changing times as well as the needs of the Filipinos.

Boasting of having one of the highest, if not the highest appraisal rates in the industry, Villarica Pawnshop has made itself one of the most trusted go-to institutions especially in the time of the pandemic with more than 600 branches nationwide that have remained open to provide instant cash.

Mr. Lester Villarica said, “From the beginning, my grandmother, Paz Villarica has always mentioned to us that the reason for the business was to be of service. Her guiding principle which she handed down to my father, Atty. Henry Villarica, has led us to push ourselves to create a balance of keeping the business healthy and at the same time ensure that our countrymen enjoy the best value, the greatest of benefits, and above all the best service that we can offer.”

This guiding principle has led Villarica to establish internal control policies designed to safeguard the valuables of clients while under custodianship as it continued to employ a good number of security measures beyond those required by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, all in the name of better service.

The top executive further explained that the core of the business is truly the desire to help customers get much needed funds in the most convenient way. This mission is evident in serving valued clients in a quick, convenient, and professional manner through expert valuation, reliable service, and accessible branches nationwide in order to support Filipinos in providing for families and loved ones when needed most.

“As we foresaw the need for our Overseas Filipino Workers to have a convenient way of sending money home to loved ones and for their loved ones to receive support reliably, in 2008 we began our remittance service as a partner of Western Union. And in 2013, we launched Villarica Cash Padala, a domestic money transfer service, and in the same year, began our foreign exchange services,” stressed Mr. Villarica. 

“The purpose of the pawnshop industry has transformed in the eyes of the Filipino public. Pawnshops have evolved to become quick access locations for cash especially in underserved areas by bank and financial institutions which is why our vision is to make our presence felt in major cities and towns in the Philippines especially in Luzon.”

Mr. Villarica expounded further as he explained that Filipinos have to be prepared for any eventuality and for any emergency. Unexpected expenses, the reduction of employment opportunities and security, coupled with keeping one’s family safe and in the peak of health during these uncertain times as we all face the pandemic, are reasons why Villarica Pawnshop, one of the country’s leading pawnshops remains steadfast in its commitment.

“As we celebrate our 67th anniversary, we will continue to provide the highest appraisal rate and the best terms and conditions to our clients in the spirit of healthy competition with other major players in the pawnshop industry, and our commitment to serve the Filipino people remain,” ended Mr. Villarica.

To learn more about Villarica Pawnshop and most especially how Villarica can help you especially in the time of the pandemic, visit for more details on how best to access the services offered by Villarica. 09/25/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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