Manulife and MCBL Encourage Filipinos to Invest in Global Markets Through Variable Unit-Linked Insurance to Build Resilient Growth

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As economic projections become more optimistic and recovery is underway amid COVID-19, Manulife Philippines and Manulife China Bank Life Assurance Corporation (MCBL) held “Growing Wealth Beyond Borders” webinars to help educate more Filipinos on the value of investing with resilience, to help ensure they have the needed life protection to build long-term financial growth.

These webinars, which featured Rex Mendoza, President and Chief Executive Officer of money and asset management advisory company Rampver Financials, provided insights into how Filipinos can take advantage of global investment opportunities and build more resilient portfolios that will allow them to reach their financial goals. With many asset classes available across different markets, Mendoza underscored the importance of diversification through asset allocation and variable unit-linked (VUL) insurance solutions to strengthen one’s portfolio in both bull and bear markets. 

“Because markets evolve, especially in a crisis, and the pace of recovery in every country will be different, having a diversified portfolio is key to achieving the right investment. If you are concentrated in just one asset class, you will not do very well. Diversification has the capability to help you bounce back from adversity and even thrive despite the odds,” Mendoza said. “VUL policies can play a significant part in one’s asset allocation strategy as it gives you “the best of both worlds”―they protect you and your loved ones in the event of uncertainties, while providing investment opportunities to grow your wealth.”

Recently, Manulife added three new fund options to Manulife and MCBL’s VUL portfolios: the Tiger Growth Fund, which invests in innovative publicly traded companies in the growing economies of mainland China and Hong Kong; the US Growth Fund, which supports some of the largest and most profitable publicly traded companies in the United States; and the Global Preferred Securities Income Fund that invests in preferred securities of publicly traded companies worldwide.

“As most market forecasts see that economies are positioned to recover strongly post-vaccination, we want Filipinos to better understand the investment opportunities that are available to them, not only in the Philippines but in other major global markets as well, so they can leverage these instruments to better prepare for the future,” said Richard Bates, Manulife Philippines President and Chief Executive Officer. “By helping them understand the value of VULs, they will have greater confidence to take charge of their finances, while protecting themselves and those that matter the most.”

“Aside from giving our customers easier access to global funds, our VUL products can also help them build their portfolio despite market volatility,” added Sandeep Deobhakta, MCBL President and Chief Executive Officer. “Through these products that are tailor-fit to match their investment appetite and personal journeys, we can help them reach their investment goals.”

At the webinars, Zed Matubis, Vice President and Head of Wealth Sales, Manulife Investment Management, also shared that for Filipinos looking to invest after COVID-19, “technology, communications, consumer, and discretionary growth securities are projected to do very well” given the trends in technological disruptions, deglobalization, and new monetary and fiscal policies that will transform economies and contribute to overall growth.

The Tiger Growth and US Growth Funds are available through Manulife’s Affluence Builder Plus and MCBL’s Invest plans, while the Global Preferred Securities Income Fund is offered through Manulife Philippines’ Affluence Max Elite and Affluence Max Gold, and MCBL’s Platinum Invest Elite and Affluence Max Elite.

To know more about these products, visit or To learn more about Manulife’s webinars, visit their Facebook page or their  YouTube channel. 06/16/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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