3 Ways to Amaze Your Next Family Gathering

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While classic family cookouts can be a lot of fun, if you've been hosting the same annual picnic or barbecue for years, it might be time to switch things up with a lot more than a football and a Frisbee. After all, if you can manage to get the entire family to agree on a date, you can do just about anything.

If you're in charge of organizing everything, it can be somewhat stressful knowing that if things don't go well, everyone will be looking at you. But if you read about some of the stories others have had to tell about their family gatherings, it might make you feel a little better knowing it won't be that bad. When someone asked Reddit, "What's the worst thing that's happened at your family gathering?" There were some doozies, like a fistfight that resulted in the writer's father, a police officer, arresting his own wife and sister-in-law. Or a cousin who accidentally turned on the VCR while everyone was watching football and a "full-blown" porno filled the screen. 

Of course, those things won't happen with your own crowd, right? But to guarantee that it's a success, take advantage of these fresh ideas that are sure to amaze everyone at your next family gathering.

Hire Someone to Read Tarot Cards

Hiring a tarot card reader is sure to captivate everyone in the family, adding an unconventional element that many have never seen before. An expert will be able to provide them with insight about their past, present, and future to help them live their most fulfilling lives possible. It pretty much guarantees that this family gathering will be one to remember. If you've never worked with the person before, be sure to book a private reading for yourself first to ensure they're legit. Read through reviews, testimonials, etc., to get a good feel for what they're about. During your meeting, keep in mind that if the reader is constantly asking you questions, they aren't doing a reading - they should be reading the cards, and you should be the one asking questions. 

Once you have your reader booked, you'll want to set up a private area where those who are getting a reading will feel comfortable. You'll want a table and two chairs set up in a quiet, secluded place. If the gathering is in a public area, you could bring a screen to create more of a sense of privacy. For outdoor events, remember that wind and tarot cards don't go together well, so you might want to have some paperweights that can be placed on the cards too.

Set Up a Movie Night

If your gathering isn’t relegated to daytime hours, it can be a lot of fun to set up a movie night on your lawn. All you need is a portable projector and an outdoor speaker system or portable Bluetooth audio and a backdrop, which can be a sheet, wall, a kid's tent, or anything else that works in the dark. Then gather up a bunch of blankets or sleeping bags, pillows, drinks, and snacks. While it isn't a must, hanging some string lights from the trees or a pagoda is also a good call.

A Magic Show

Magic always amazes when it's done well. Why not amaze and astound your whole family with a magic show? Magicians are great for all ages, with even your most well-traveled guests likely to experience some things they've never seen before. Some perform strolling magic so you won't even need a stage, lighting, or sound system, they'll simply engage with everyone wherever they are, which also gets people talking and conversations started. 03/31/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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