Allianz Offers Grace Period, Simplified Claims Process for Customers During Enhanced Quarantine

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Due to the developments in the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, Allianz PNB Life is making it easier for customers to stay protected during this time. The company is providing an extended grace period of up to 75 days during the enforcement of the Enhanced Com-munity Quarantine, and is also making available a simplified claims process with express lane.

“We encourage our customers to get in touch with our Life Changers to learn more about the coverage of their policies. It’s best to stay updated during these times,” said Allianz Chief Marketing Officer Gae Martinez.

Several Allianz PNB Life plans provide coverage for COVID-19 cases.

Coverage for Hospitalization and Critical Illness

Both Allianz Well! and Allianz Compass covers in-patient hospitalization, unlimited telemedi-cine consultation, and expert medical opinion. Allianz Well! has an annual plan limit of PhP100 million and supplements a plan holder’s existing HMOs, while Allianz Compass has an annual plan limit of PhP200 million.

Apart from the two plans, Allianz’ Daily Hospital Income Benefit also covers in-patient hospi-talization due to COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Allianz eAZy Health covers complications that will arise from COVID-19 and will meet the criteria for whole person impairment.

Coverage for Accidents, Injuries, and Death

Accidents and injuries, whether related to COVID-19 or not, are covered by Allianz’ Acci-dental Death and Dismemberment, and Personal Accident Plans. Its Air Lite plan, mean-while, provides coverage for accidents and injuries during air travel, whether related to COVID-19 or not.

Deaths due to COVID-19 are covered by Allianz’ Whole Life, Term, Endowment, and Unit-Linked Plans.

For further information and clarification on these plans, please consult your Allianz Life Changer. 03/21/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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