Suzuki Dr Z400 Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

Jamil Macapantao
Your Suzuki DR Z400 is an excellent modern dual sport with great handling and power. Even if you're happy with it, you can make it even better with a few aftermarket mods for motorcycles. These parts are the perfect for modifying your dual sport to be better at street or off-road riding. If you're interested in making some changes, here are some of the best Suzuki DR Z400 aftermarket parts and accessories:


Redoing your shocks or fork springs is no easy task, but it's well worth the hassle. Your stock suspension is a low-budget compromise between on- and off-road riding. Before you buy any parts, think about what sort of riding you do more often. If you're mainly on the streets, stiffer springs let you lean into corners for better feel and handling. Trails have more bumps and jumps that need to be absorbed by your suspension. Either style of suspension can give you a better ride.

Performance Exhaust

This is the first aftermarket mod most bikers consider for a good reason. Your exhaust removes the spent gases from the engine, creating room for more oxygen to reach your combustion chambers. Your OE exhaust system is heavy, clunky, and inefficient. A full replacement can be pricey, but it improves the weight, horsepower, and sound of your DR Z400. For some of the benefits at a more reasonable cost, consider a slip-on. Yoshimura and Two Brothers Racing create some of the top models in this category.

High-Flow Air Filter

Replacing your exhaust gets rid of more spent gases from your engine. A high-flow air filter supercharges this effect, taking in extra air for your bike. They're inexpensive enough that there's almost no reason not to swap out your OE filter after doing the exhaust. If better performance wasn't enough of a reason, these high-quality filters also catch more particles than stock models. That's an easy way to extend the life of your bike.
Skid Plates

Rocks, roots, and logs always lurking on the ground to spoil your fun off-roading. When you're zooming down the trail through your buddy's roost, good luck spotting these hazards. A skid plate protects your Suzuki's vitals from the obstacles you can't see. Simple to install and made from durable materials, this mod is much cheaper than a repair job. Modern skid plates are typically constructed from lightweight aircraft aluminum or carbon fiber, so they don't weigh you down either.


There are more varieties of tires available for dual sports than ever before. Similar to your suspension, tire choice is influenced by your style of riding. Asphalt is hard on dirt bike treads, ripping off blocks and grinding down knobs. Smoother contact patches provide less grip off-road, making it more difficult to control your motorcycle. If you're not sure which to pick, lean more toward road tires, because you do more riding on blacktop than you think.

A little time in the shop is all that stands between you and your dream machine. If you're handy with tools, buying motorcycle equipment on the internet can save you some money. Shop online by searching for "top Suzuki DR Z400 parts" or "Honda XR250 OEM near me." (The Lifestyle Portal)

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