The Battle of the International Beauties in the 13TH Ms. F Universe 2015

Rocky Batara

Beauty pageant specially the Ms. Universe is always a trending topic. In any occasion even the serious matters, a beauty pageant scenario is always inserted making the topic fun and humorous. Well, how many of you already read and collected different memes in Facebook or Social Media with beauty pageant dialogues?! Even the fabulous Princess Sarah and Senora Santibanez already became contestants in this prestige beauty competition!

The famous fitness and entertainment bar, the Farenheit Fitness Club or simply the F Philippines pionered a a gay beauty pageant which is a parody of the prestige worldwide hit, the Miss Universe pageant. This is the Ms. F Universe that started in 2003.

Now on its 13TH Year, the pageant became an annual event in F Philippines. Every year, the event drive crowd and participants turning it as one of the club's most successful major events. Gays and bisexual males join this event carrying the flags of their chosen countries.

On a Saturday night of August 8, 2015, the club once more successfully held a coronation night of the pageant. Ms. Puerto Rico who is Tiffany Alejandro or Patrick Isorena in real life was hailed as the 13TH Ms. F Universe 2015.

The event was a full-packed! The audience was in full force supporting their  candidates. And of course, it was also a star-starry night as the prominent celebrities namely the actress Ana Capri, PBB ex-housemate Fourth Solomon, actor  and SCQ Batch 1 finalist Joseph Bitangcol, ABS-CBN News reporter Ryan Edward Chua, and YouTube heartthrob sensation and Cosmo Model Sebastian Castro were some of the pageant's panel of judges.

Well if you missed watching the event last    Saturday, here are the actual scene photos during the prestige Ms. F Universe 2015 Coronation Night. Let's check these out and feel the battle of the international beauties! 

Ms. Puerto Rico is the 2015 Ms. F Universe Winner:

The Usual Pageant Scenario Before the Announcement of Winner:

Ms. Puerto Rico's Coronation Moment:

F Club Owner Mr. Wilbert Tolentino Awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award to Ms. Netherlands:

This Year's Ms. F Universe Top 5 Winners: (L-R) 4th RU Miss Philippines (Cassy Lopez), 2nd RU Miss Iraq (Inyaki Yuson), Miss F Universe Miss Puerto Rico (Patrick Isorena), 1st RU Miss Venezuela (Prince Dawson Sachi) and 3rd RU Miss Angola (Michael Cabrillas Johnson):

Ms. Puero Rico with F Owner Mr. Wilbert Tolentino:

The Top 5 Winners Taking the Center Stage:

Ms. Puerto Rico and Ms. Philippines in a Victorious Pose:

The Most Coveted Ms. F Universe 2015 Crown:

The Glamor Stage is Ready for International Beauties:

F Club's Prestige Major Event Taking Place:

Behind-the-Scene in the Dressing Room:

Busy People Inside the Dressing Room:

The Preparation of the Contestants:

The Judges - Ms. Parul Shah, Bb. Pilipinas Tourism 2014, and Ms. Jamie Herrel, Miss Earth 2014:

The Judge - Actress Ms. Ana Capri Deliberating her Choice:

The Judges - (L-R) Joseph Bitangcol  (SCQ 1), Fourth Solomon (PBB All-In), Raphael Martinez (actor) and Josie:

The Judges - Real Life Couple Sebastian Castro and Ryan Chua Look Perfect Together:

Introduction of Judge - Ana Capri:

Introduction of Judge - Fourth Solomon:

Introduction of Judge - Joseph Bitangcol:

Introduction of Judge - Ryan Edward Chua:

Introduction of Judge - Sebastian Castro:

The Swimsuit Competition:

The Contestants in National Costume:

A Night Full of Humor with the Contestants in National Costumes:

Who's the Most Beautiful of Them All:

Who's Your Bet:

One of the Contestants Flaunting her Colorful National Costume:

And now, here is the Q&A Portion which tested the brains of the Top 5 finalists.

The Question Goes:
 "If an alien would arrive and watch the 13th annual search for Miss F Universe for the first time, what do you think will they say about humanity?"

And here are the snipets of the answers of two of the Top 5 Finalists which truly created screams from the crowd:

Ms. Iraq - "There is Hope in Humanity"

Ms. Puerto Rico - "We are beautiful. We are beautiful people fighting one another."

Ms. Angola was also trending that night! She captivated the attention of the crowd  because of her unlimited humor!

Well, check out three of her photos below and see it yourself why this contestant with exotic beauty belongs to the Top 5 finalists:

The event was truly a night full beauties! Different types of beauties reflecting the different countries around the world were witness in one huge event!

By the way, this type of gay pageant is Category B wherein contestants were bisexuals or straight-acting gay delegates. The other type is a Category A  wherein contestants were transgenders or those who already undergone surgical operations or enhancements to transform  themselves from male to female. Ms. F Universe didn't accept Category A contestants. It is strictly for Category B only.

Once more congratulations to all the winners and participants of this pageant for showcasing your beauties and talents and to F Club Philippines for organizing this another successful major event! 

F Club Philippines (formerly known as Fahrenheit Cafe) is located at E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue, New Manila, Quezon City between the corners of Tomas Morato and Doña Hemady roads. (The Lifestyle Portal)

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