One 69O Bar: A Grandeur Opening with A Blast of Colorful Performances!

Rocky Batara

The One 69O Bar or simply 69O (69 with a   letter "O"), the country's premiere entertainment bar located at the heart of #39 Don A. Roces Avenue in Quezon City, in front of Amoranto Sports Complex had its grand opening on a Tuesday night of July 28, 2015.

It was a night full of powerful and colorful performances from the bar's resident and  guest performers and models who graced the event. Audience, invitees, bar owners, bloggers, and other key personalities present during the event had their red carpet walk in the bar's entrance.

The program started with an inspiring opening remarks from the bar's owner Mama Genesis Gallos. He gave a glimpse about the bar's exciting surprises to all its guest and welcome the new attendees to enjoy the bar's offering and sizzling hot "menus."

Wilbert Tolentino, the bar's proprietor and the owner of Fahrenheit Cafe (simply "F" or F Club Philippines) shared an inspiring talk with Genesis infront of the stage. 

Colorful and breath-talking performances then followed delighting the audience. A "Hang Out, More Fun in the Philippines" theme fashion show started with wholesome hot male models wearing the traditional Filipino barong ramp on the stage. Then, a huge production number from the talented drag queens gave their full blast powerful performance!

A lip-sync song number from one of the bar's drag queens touched the audience hearts with fun and laughter. Afterwards, an Egypt-theme hot dance number from the talented performers put fire on the stage with a followup sexy dance performance. And of course, gorgeous models also ramp now wearing the modern outfits.

Here are some of the event photos highlighting the night's colorful event:

The Drag Queens in Full Force:

Hot Male Dancers to the Tune of the Modern Music:

Two of the Ramp Models Flaunting our Very Own Modern Style Barong:

It's More Fun Hanging Out in the Philippines:

Bar Owner Mama Genesis Gallos Joined the Colorful Models Giving his Inspiring Speech:

The Young Men in Modern Fashion:

The Drag Queens in One of their Cool Numbers:

The So Sexy Egyptian Production Dance Number:

The Hunk Performers on their Egyptian Costume:

The Pharaoh Egyptian King Wrapped in Traditional Outfit:

That Famous Egyptian Dance:

Full Force in the Colorful Stage with Mama Genesis:

Sexy Drag Queens on their Whoopy Dance:

A Lip-Sync Song Number. Is Her Face Sounds Familiar?

The Bar Proprietor and F Owner Wilbert Tolentino Shared Limelight with Mama Gene:

69O Bar Owner Mama Gene Giving his Inspirational Talk:

The Male Models in Colorful Barongs:

The Official 69O Bar Logo with a Tagline of "Real Men...Real Entertainment..."

Isn't it colorful and more delighful in the 69O bar? Well, experience it yourself and feel the same! Visit the bar in its address given above. This is just infront of the Amoronto Sports Complex.

69O Bar, a sister company of F Club Philippines is open from Monday to Saturday from 10pm to 6am giving us a total entertainment party!

ONE BAR... ONE FAMILY... ONE DREAM... that is the ONE 69O!

See you all and enjoy the party and blast of full performances! (The Lifestyle Portal)

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