KFC Launches Two New Dishes via an Action-Packed ''KFC East Meets West' Basketball Game

Rocky Batara
KFC introduced two new dishes from Korea and Texas, USA namely the Korean Bimbimbap and the Texas Spicy Barbeque! Hence the event was dubbed as the "KFC East Meets West!"

The launch became so exciting as the food chain brought two of the basketball icons from the East and from West. The East was represented by no other than our very own PBA superstar Gabe Norwood while in the West, it was the NBA star Nerlens Noel of Philadelphia 76ers. 

The event was really an exciting competition. The first part of the competition was a quiz bee. A group of three formed a team and they battled one another. The top two high scorers proceeded to the second round which was an actual basketball game!

Glad that we were the top scorer in the first round therefore we were the first of the two teams to compete for the basketball game. We were then assigned as the red team with of course Gabe Norwood as our Team Captain. Our rival team was the blue team with Nerlens Noel as their captain. 

Well, here are our action-packed photos during the actual game:

The game ended with blue team winning the battle. We placed as the runner-up!

The winning team received a trophy, a KFC GC, a bag, and an Acer cellphone. On the other hand, the runner-up got a KFC GC and an Acer bag.  - The Lifestyle Portal

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