Meet Deejay Poblete and Her Band Kley

Rocky Batara

Born and raised in Los Angeles by a family of talented musicians, there's no doubt that Deejay Poblete was destined to be a singer. She always wanted to be in a band and with the support of her family, she moved to the Philippines in 2007 to pursue her dreams. Shortly after, she met Noah Zuniga in 2008 and the concept of Kley was formed.

Since then, Deejay has been learning the ropes of the music industry, gaining experience in writing rock and pop hits, television and commercial ads. In 2012, she was the champion of Pinoypop Superstar and won the attention of the OPM industry with the song "Dulo ng Dila," her duet with R&B King, Jayr as an entry to Philippine Popular Music Festival.

This talented "rock chic" is giving a whole new meaning to the term. When she hits the stage, she connects with her audience with her soulful, rock-pop, soaring voice and appealing stage presence. Her fluency in Tagalog and approachable attitude also helps her connect with the audience. This rising star can do anything she puts her mind to and when Deejay's not singing, writing or rehearsing, she's baking sweet treats. Music has always been her #1 passion and rocking out is her favorite form of expression.

DeeJay also maintained a band signed under R&B King, JayR Sillona’s indie label Homeworkz and under his mentorship, KLEY completed their first, self-titled album in 2012, featuring JayR, Gloc 9 and the late Ronnie Dizon. “Kley” is available at Astrovision, Astroplus, Odyssey, iTunes and Their first single “Tsismosa” released in 2013 is on daily rotation throughout Manila’s hottest radio stations . In 2014, Kley won Best New Artist (Group) at the Aliw Awards.

Sadly though, the band Kley has broken up. Singer Deejay Poblete is going solo and will release an album anytime soon. - The Lifestyle Portal

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