Significant Changes Implemented In Modern Bowling

Rocky Batara
Modern bowling has certainly changed a lot in a relatively short period of time. In 1982 it was considered a great feat for Glenn Allison to bowl three consecutive 300 games in a row in sanctioned league play (even if it was later disallowed by league officials due to the lanes being improperly dressed). 

Today, the number of 300 games rolled in a year has jumped from 5,949 in 1982 to 56,212 in 2005-6. You can get still get classic brunswickbowling balls just like you could in 1905 and 1982, but for a host of reasons, modern bowling is definitely not your daddy’s game anymore. 

Consider this: before Allison’s now-disputed first 900 in 1982, the previous record score was set by Allie Brandt with his 886 series, shot in 1939. One reason the game has changed so much is the technology.

 It is simply advancing faster than ever before. Before 1905, balls were made of wood, and for the next sixty-plus years they were usually made of natural rubber. In the past thirty years the state of the art in bowling balls has seen the materials change multiple times from polyester to urethane to reactive resin cover balls. That doesn’t even begin to address the changes in the lanes themselves. 

Super high-tech balls and synthetic lanes are the norm versus the plastic balls and wood lanes of Allison’s day. Something else that changed in the game is the rules. If Glenn Allison rolled a 900 today in league play it wouldn’t be questioned. Rules have changed and lanes can carry season-long certifications. 

In 1982 Allison would have used the same ball for every shot but today many use three or four different balls in a game. You can use a ball that hooks better when you need it, something that wasn’t possible in 1982. 

This may irritate some traditionalists—maybe even your dad—but for a lot of people it just makes the sport more interesting and fun. Whether you like your bowling old school or as high tech as you can get, you can find something useful at The prices and selection there cannot be beaten.  - The Lifestyle Portal

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