Sebastian Castro's Sexy Hot Music Video of 'Theban'

Rocky Batara

Sebastian Castro, the sexy hot Peruvian model and a proud and out gay released another sizzling and daring music video! After the launched of "Bubble" last year which was also inline with his 'coming out' video regarding his sexuality, here comes "Theban," another daring gay-themed music video which released last November 2013.   

According to Sebastian, the Sacred Band of Thebes was an ancient Greek army composed entirely of gay men. "It was believed that if you fought next to the person you loved, you would fight much harder to keep them alive. This led the generals to have the lovers fight alongside one another in battle. I can't think of anything more beautiful -beautiful and sexy... I love the idea of dragging my followers, or any LGBT for that matter, into this world where you are fighting with, fighting for and possibly dying for the one you love. The ultimate message : you belong. Two words gay kids don't hear enough. Two words they don't feel enough", Sebastian added.

Here is the said daring hot music video. Let's all watch this:

What can you say about the music video?! Do you love the idea?!

Great one Seb and good job for a brave move for this! Waiting for more on the coming days!  - The Lifestyle Portal

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