The WaterBoy: Get to Know the 'Natural Technology' of this Pure, Clean, Alkaline Water Maker!

Rocky Batara
GREENFOCUS just introduced the awesome water maker machine. This is the WaterBoywhich uses the 'natural' process of converting the air into a pure water.

WaterBoy uses the principle applied in the aircon. The air is directly converted into the pure water using the condensation process in Science.  

 Check out what's inside and outside of the said machine:

The Back Part of WaterBoy

The WaterBoy Takes on the Aircon Principle

The Elements which Makes the Water Pure and Alkaline

Taking a Quick Look Inside the Machine

Now Serving Fresh Pure Water

The WaterBoy's Front View

The WaterBoy makes an average of 25-30 liters per day; enough to support 2 average size Filipino households. If used instead of buying water in plastic bottles, you will divert as much as 11,000 plastic bottles from landfills each year.

WaterBoy truly provides the customers with PURE (not purified) Alkaline water from the AIR. That's the natural magic of WaterBoy! - The Lifestyle Portal

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