Inside Showbiz’s Cover Star Xian Lim Greeted Fans During His Magazine Signing


Inside Showbiz’s September issue was made more memorable with one afternoon that gave fans the opportunity to have their issue signed by cover star Xian Lim.

Garnering the most votes during the online poll at as 2012’s Inside Showbiz Hottest Man, Inside Showbiz placed the already sensational Xian Lim on the cover of the magazine this September. The autograph signing was done with fans and mall-goers all anxious to get a glimpse of the fast rising actor. Fans flocked to get a hold of the magazine and rushed to line-up to get their magazine signed. A big commotion happened when people recognized Xian Lim as he approached the venue. Those who got there early were able to line-up first, eventually getting their copy signed and having a photo taken with Xian. More than a hundred copies were signed with Xian graciously smiling to all his supporters who went.

The magazine fearlessly listed the top ten reasons why he is set to be the next leading man of his showbiz generation, as he boldly shared about his noticeable sense of style, his take on negative feedback to him, his being a hopeless romantic according to the alleged apple of Xian’s eye, Kim Chiu, and more.

Inside the magazine, Xian Lim shared his thoughts on showing his affections and how he makes a girl feel special. “Yung pagiging sweet, gusto ko palaging intimate. If it’s gonna be me, it’s gonna be me; if it’s gonna be focused on you, it’s gonna be focused on you. I like giving people gifts to show them you care. It’s the thought that counts pa rin naman, di ba?” Not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve for the girl he likes, he shares his sentiments on the special girl he currently has his eyes on. “Gusto ko lang she feels special to me, kasi special naman talaga siya.”

He also talks about his image as a personality constantly in the public eye. “I also feel that I have my own imperfections [pero] syempre, hindi ko iniisip na wala akong ganito o wala akong ganyan. Hindi ko sinasabing perfect ako, [and] I don’t highlight yung wala ako. I highlight kung anong meron ako.”

Inside Showbiz has everything you need to know to get closer to cover star Xian Lim this September. Get your copy of Inside Showbiz, on stands now!

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