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#LiveWellLeaveWell with Aeternum Garden's State of the Art Columbary

Peaceful, solemn, and beautiful! These are the three words to describe one of the well-known memorial parks located in the modern city of The Fort, Taguig known as, the Aeternum Columbary Park Estate.
At first, I got surprised knowing that our event will be in a columbary, a place similar to a cemetery or a memorial park wherein the remains of the love ones who were cremated were put. And yes, this was my very first time to attend an event which deals with commemorating our departed love ones. An event perfectly suited to our upcoming tradition known as Undas, Araw ng Mga Patay, Halloween, All Saints Day,  or All Souls Day. Just like many of us, me and my family pay high tribute to our members who were already passed away. And this event as well as this blog post will be my this year's All Saints Day special feature.      
The event started in a white board with a tag line of "Before I Die..."  Bloggers will write on the said board completing the said line. For me, my e…

Daniel Matsunaga Reveals New Project After his PBB Victory

As a believer in living life to the fullest, ‘Brapanese’ model Daniel Matsunaga regularly does cardio exercises, lifts weights, and participates in a lot of sports like professional football and the Spartan Race, the most difficult obstacle race franchise, whose US competition he wishes to join someday. He also loves to wakeboard and get into the groove of Brazil’s traditional dance Capoeira.
But sports and workout is only a small portion of what makes the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) grand winner fit and strong. The strength to do all his activities, especially after his recent big win at the reality show, comes from a daily diet that consists of a lot of protein that he gets from his favorite tuna. 
“Food diet is very important for me. It gives me the strength to seize whatever opportunity comes my way after winning the top prize in PBB. And for me, the perfect diet mostly consists of high protein tuna from San Marino Tuna Flakes,” Matsunaga said. 

Protein, after all, is an essential bu…

EnGenius Network Expands Territory to the Philippines

EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte. Ltd., a leading provider of high-performance, versatile networking and telecommunications solutions, has set out to meet the evolving tech demands of both the Philippine consumer market and businesses. 
Established in Singapore since 1993, with regional headquarters in Taiwan, EnGenius has since come to be known worldwide for powerful enterprise networking and wireless management solutions that deliver reliable, class-leading performance and coverage under the most challenging environments. 
For the consumer market,  the EnGenius Cloud Service – which features the EnViewer, EnTalk Lite, EnShare, and EnRoute apps – enables home users to connect to their media and files from anywhere, stay synced with friends and family members around the world, and facilitate the management of their own private network in ways that are simple, secure, fast, and easy.
EnGenius Manila Launch Photo Above:  From L to R: Nancy Bang, Senior Product Manager, EnGenius Networks…

On MRT Problems

Reports: there will be a possible temporary MRT maintenance shutdown.

Transportation Secretary Jun Abaya said he is willing to shut down the Metro Rail Transit (MRT)-3 system if needed to allow the rail system to catch up on maintenance work. He says he will drop everything under safety.

If that happens, then the 550,000 commuters must get ready to find alternative rides while enforcers must also be prepared for a sure traffic situation.

This August, an accident in Taft Station causing almost 40 injured passengers.

All MRT problems were investigated. The Senate continues the investigation.

MRTC Chief Robert Sobrepena (former) explained that the problem started when the government didn’t comply with the BLT agreement.

They agreed that the MRTC has the only right to choose a maintenance provider to develop the train system.

MRTC are composed of MRT Holdings including Fil-Estate. They are the only entity who can tell what is compatible with the MRT system.

When the government threw the ri…
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