#LiveWellLeaveWell with Aeternum Garden's State of the Art Columbary

Rocky Batara

Peaceful, solemn, and beautiful! These are the three words to describe one of the well-known memorial parks located in the modern city of The Fort, Taguig known as, the Aeternum Columbary Park Estate.   

At first, I got surprised knowing that our event will be in a columbary, a place similar to a cemetery or a memorial park wherein the remains of the love ones who were cremated were put. And yes, this was my very first time to attend an event which deals with commemorating our departed love ones. An event perfectly suited to our upcoming tradition known as Undas, Araw ng Mga Patay, Halloween, All Saints Day,  or All Souls Day. Just like many of us, me and my family pay high tribute to our members who were already passed away. And this event as well as this blog post will be my this year's All Saints Day special feature.      

The event started in a white board with a tag line of "Before I Die..."  Bloggers will write on the said board completing the said line. For me, my entry was: "Before I die, I will travel around the world and marry the person I love most!"    

Then, we started to tour the place! Oh yes, the place was so beautiful and relaxing! We truly love the scenic view of the place. It was well-wrap with green. Fountains and water structures add life to the place. Knowing me who love to take pictures, I took many photos of myself ala-pictorial with Aeternum's beautiful views as the background. Don't worry 'cause I'll share in my personal blog, in Bits of Rocks those great shots taken in this place!      

A daughter of a mommy blogger present in the event said that she wants to have her debut in this place! Me on the other hand wants to have my prenup videos be taken in this place. And if possible, I want my wedding to be taken here! This will give life to the saying 'Till Death Do Us Part in every wedding's vow. 

Now, let me tour you to Aeternum Garden's state of the art columbary with some of these photos:     

The Fountain and Water Structure Adds Beauty in the Place

The Place is Also Perfect for Events like Wedding, Debut, or Pictorial because of Its Natural Beauty!

Inside the Columbary where We Can Offer Prayers to our Departed Love Ones

The Koi Fish Pond Gives Life and Relaxing View Inside the Columbary

The event also gave exciting prizes to the bloggers! Lots of exciting giveaways were given to the active bloggers who participated in the cool games, in the sharing of experience, and in the question and answer portion. Some of the goods that we received were the scented candle, a Starbucks reloadable Card, a crystal paper weight with Aeternum's name, a Globe Tattoo Wi-fi, a Samsung Tab 3, an overnight stay in Tagaytay Inn, and cash prizes to name few.       

 Check out some of our souvenirs we got from the event:

The Aeternum's Crystal Paper Weight

Can you Tell What this Crystal Paper Weight Depicts?

One Globe Tattoo Wi-fi Device will be Given to the One with a "Good Question" Remark

Two Active Bloggers in Social Media During the Event Won These Samsung Tab 3 Gadgets

I'm One of the Lucky Ones who Asked a "Good Question" that's Why I got this Wi-fi Device 

And Because I Posted the Most Relevant Topics in Twitter and Instagram, I won this Overnight Stay in Tagaytay Inn for Two Including Access to Zoomanity

Though Not Winning my Dream Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, I still Consider Myself Lucky on That Night!

A buffet dinner was also served to us. What more, wines were also served. Live band was also present at the end of the program turning the event ala-gimmick night!

Tables were Ready...

Live Band Serenaded Us with Love Songs and Cool Music

Feel free to Contact and Visit Aeternum Garden

Meanwhile, if you're curious to know what does the name Aeternum means, well the word "Aeternum" is a Latin word which means "Eternal." 

Mr. Vincent Mercado, VP of IPM Development Corporation revealed in an interview that they prefer columbary rather than the traditional way of paglilibing because of spiritual reasons and of practical values.

And if you think Aeternum's service is too expensive, well think again as Aeternum offers the best to its clients with the easiest modes of payment.

"Live Well and Leave Well,"  the Aeternum's theme which perfectly describes the human life which at the same time enlightens the human mind!  - The Lifestyle Portal

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