Tanduay’s Cocktail Culture Series Puts a Spotlight on Local Bars

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The bar scene in the Philippines is thriving, and Tanduay, one of its staunchest supporters, aims to highlight the skill and creativity of people behind them.

In the video series, Cocktail Culture, bartenders from The Spirits Library, Polilya, Pablo Bistro, Japonesa, and 205 BGC are shown creating different cocktails crafted with some of Tanduay’s most-awarded premium rums.



“At the center of our partnership with these leading bars is our commitment to excellent craftsmanship. Our premium rum products are not just poured; but they are crafted into experiences by their top bartenders,” said Marc Ngo, International Business Development Manager at Tanduay Brands International.

Spending almost a decade on the job and learning about the Filipino cocktail culture, Ngo describes the scene as characterized by a distinct preference for sweetness, reflecting the country’s collective sweet tooth.

Fueled by the tropical climate, Filipino taste buds naturally lean towards refreshing and fruity cocktails. However, in recent years, particularly among the younger generation there has been an eager acceptance of the broader spectrum of cocktail culture, venturing beyond the familiar territory of light and fruity mixes.  



Through a series of videos that showcase these five well-known local bars, Tanduay provides a glimpse into the vibrant and dynamically evolving Filipino cocktail landscape.

“We also wanted to show people how Tanduay Brands can elevate simple cocktails
and make them special,” said Ngo.

At the same time, he added, Tanduay wanted to feature the bartenders who tirelessly work at creating amazing cocktails for customers to enjoy.

Beginning with The Spirits Library, which is one of the most popular bars in Poblacion, the cultural and heritage district of Makati. In the video, its bartender, Enrico Adolfo is seen preparing An Ode to the Sun, which is made with Tanduay Asian Rum Silver.  He combines and mixes the rum with dashes of Spanish bitters, Poire William Eau de Vie, and Cocciti Americano, and creates a flamed mist using yellow chartreuse for an unforgettable concoction.

A different video features Polilya, another popular bar in the area, with its bartender Esse Magsino. He creates the Dear Maria cocktail with Tanduay’s premium Especia Spiced Rum. He makes it with pandan syrup, pineapple syrup, ginger cordial, fresh lime juice, and angostura bitters served with crushed ice -- a rich and aromatic tropical delight that captures Poblacion’s vibrant vibe.

Pablo Bistro, the dining haven in Salcedo Village, Makati known for its excellent Spanish menu, is also included in the Cocktail Culture series. In the video, its top bartender, Chris Francisco, can be seen preparing Caipirinha with fresh lime juice, sugar, and Tanduay Asian Rum Silver to create a smooth concoction with an exciting flavor profile.

Japonesa, the must-visit Poblacion restaurant that specializes in Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, meanwhile, features the Asian Refreshing in Cocktail Culture. Its bartender, Jason Alinsunurin, mixes brown sugar, cucumber, mint leaves, Cointreau, Macadamia syrup, lime juice and cucumber peel with the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold -- a not-to-be-missed cocktail when visiting Japonesa.

Then there’s 205 BGC, which came up with the On Holiday cocktail. Its bartender, Jam Labay, can be seen creating a sweet symphony of simple syrup, lime juice, and the bold character of the Tanduay Asian Rum Gold. It’s a cocktail that is a journey for the palate, with every flavor note unfolding like a story for customers to savor.

The Tanduay Cocktail Culture video series was created by Off the Grid and can be seen on https://www.youtube.com/@TanduayRum/videos. 02/13/2024 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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