Applying for Work Abroad? Here’s Why you Need to Get your Identity Verified

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With widespread cases of identity theft across the globe, international employers and healthcare regulators need to be sure that the person who claims to have undergone professional healthcare training is the same person applying for a particular position.

In the recruitment process, especially for overseas employment, identity verification provides the employer with the added assurance that the individual applying for the role is exactly who they say they are.


Many healthcare professionals who successfully landed a lucrative employment abroad have found a reliable partner for verification in, a platform that provides Filipino healthcare professionals around the world with the tools they need to secure a lucrative career abroad. has become a trusted healthcare career platform due to being part of the DataFlow Group, a global leader in primary source verification (PSV) of professional documents including degrees, professional licenses, good standing certifications and experience certificates. uses IDNow for processing identity verification and the entire process can be easily completed via a mobile phone, taking just a few minutes to process the identity verification. As the platform has partnerships with employers and regulators in different countries, many healthcare professionals have come to rely on its verification services to authenticate important documents such as certificates, licenses and educational records.  

“In addition to the sophisticated technology we use for identity verification which includes facial recognition and AI,’s use of blockchain technology means that individuals no longer need to verify their documents over and over again. The member can simply verify once, and a digital fingerprint of their verification is stored on the blockchain which is fully owned and controlled by the individual. This means they can share their verification directly with employers, recruiters and regulators who can be assured of the authenticity of the documents,” said Alejandro Coca, Head of Business,

Having your identity verified has a lot of advantages and benefits. For one, it protects you from becoming a victim of fraud and identity theft. Equally important, it establishes a strong sense of trust among employers and regulators and this can open a whole new world of opportunities for you as you can easily apply for positions in different countries across the world.

To start off your overseas employment journey by getting verified, register at Once registered, click on “Career Toolkit” and “Verification” to see the different verification options.   

Once you have your identity verified, you can get a head start in your overseas employment application by creating your digital resume on This will make the application process more convenient for you because your digital resume will be easily accessible to prospective employers.  Moreover, having a digital resume on is like having a digital wallet which collates all your TrueProofs, professional documents, skills and experience, and presents them in one professional profile. These can be shared and downloaded at any time.

Aside from these services, members can also find a comprehensive list of great healthcare roles from legitimate employers in different countries.

Since its establishment in 2016, the platform has helped over 2 million overseas job applicants get their dream job and earn a salary three to four times higher compared to how much they receive at home.

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About works with employers and international job applicants to enhance human resource processes through a fully digital, on-demand Primary Source Verification (PSV) solution. removes the friction of ever-repetitive background checks and replaces it with a broadly accepted standard that connects applicants with employers in a secured and trusted environment. We do this by using cutting-edge blockchain technology to securely verify applicant qualifications for prospective employers. The PSV process ensures that all of the candidates’ credentials are authentic and issued by an accredited institution. is part of the DataFlow Group, a leading global provider of specialised PSV solutions, background screening and immigration compliance services. Headquartered in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), the DataFlow Group has been delivering PSV services to regulators and governments in Asia and Europe since 2006.


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