AXA Philippines Wins Health Insurance Initiative of the Year at Insurance Asia Awards 2022

AXA Philippines, one of the leading insurance providers in the country, recently won Health Insurance Initiative of the Year - Philippines at the Insurance Asia Awards 2022 their latest health insurance offering, Health Care Access. The product stood out among other contenders who were judged based on their level of innovation, effectiveness, impact, and dynamism.

Insurance Asia Awards is a prestigious event by Asian publication Insurance Asia that recognizes insurance firms that successfully navigate around various market challenges whilst keeping clients satisfied and maintaining their revenue. In 2021, AXA also won International General Insurer of the Year (Philippines) and the Mobile App of the Year for their Emma by AXA PH app in the Insurance Asia Awards.

“AXA has long been committed to protecting what matters most to our customers. We always want to be there for them, ready to cater to their needs. When the pandemic struck, the challenge of having access to affordable health protection became more apparent. This is why we wanted to expand our health protection offers to more Filipinos. So in 2021, AXA launched Health Care Access to address this. And the success of this product and the recognition from the Insurance Asia Awards is a testament to its relevance. 

Furthermore, it inspires us to continue innovating to provide health and financial security solutions to even more Filipinos,” said Gael Lapie, AXA Philippines CEO In-Charge and Chief Financial Officer.
AXA Health Care Access is AXA’s comprehensive and affordable health care plan, empowering Filipinos to take full responsibility for their long-term wellbeing by promoting a more proactive and prepared approach toward health. Launched in 2020, it came at a critical point in the pandemic when people were seeing firsthand the importance of being prepared for the financial repercussions of being sick.

Health Care Access provides flexible and affordable health protection for individuals and all types of families to get the total health protection they need. It provides coverage for emergency care, inpatient care, life and accident insurance, and 24/7 teleconsultation. It also has a Longevity Health Fund that can be used for future medical needs starting at age 76 onwards, and offers an additional cash benefit that can be used for other medical expenses, or as income replacement if the policy holder is diagnosed with critical illness. 

It comes in two plan types, Health Care Access Prime and Health Care Access Lite, to allow people flexibility to choose the plan that best suits their needs. Health Care Access Prime is perfect for families and individuals looking for a plan that provides for their primary medical requirements as well as hospitalization. With the rise of the gig economy in the country, this is also ideal for individuals working freelance or those with small businesses who have no HMO benefits, as it has medical coverage of up to PHP 5 million and includes outpatient care and preventive care.

Meanwhile, AXA Health Care Access Lite is created for those currently employed but would like to supplement their health coverage. It has deductible options to choose from which enables you or your existing health care plan to pay for your hospital bill first. 

For more information on AXA’s Health Care Access, visit 09/13/2022 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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