Simple Me-Time Activities You’ll Want To Do After An Exhausting Work Week

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There are days when you just want to shut off your brain — here’s how.

As much as we’re grateful to have a job, there are times a week-long grind can leave us feeling like a cranky hermit who wants to hide from the world for a day or two. If you can relate, it could mean you’re due for some alone time.

To enhance your me-time experience, make sure you have your go-to treat on hand: Jack n’ Jill Piattos!

This iconic hexagonal potato snack is a delicious and enjoyable reward to have during your me-time moments—whatever activity you want to do. Jack n’ Jill Piattos comes in solo, buddy and (the new) Supersized packs. It also comes in a variety of flavors: Cheese, Sour Cream and Onion, Roadhouse Barbecue, Roast Beef, Nacho Pizza, and Salted Potato. 

Have a blast playing your favorite console games while enjoying Jack ‘n Jill Piattos.


Excited to schedule that much-need me-time? Here are five activities you can enjoy as a reward after an exhausting work week:

Visit a museum or check out an exhibit

Go on a solo date at a museum and immerse yourself in art! There’s always something soothing about discovering paintings, sculptures, photographs, and other visual art that mirror your inner world and make you feel understood.

Go on a picnic lunch

Who said you need a companion to have a picnic? Go to a park (or your garden if you have one), spread out a picnic blanket, and have your lunch outdoors. With the grass under your feet and the sky above your head, you’ll definitely have a great time! Might as well catch up on your current read or listen to that audiobook while you’re at it.

Do a coloring/paint-by-numbers activity

You’re missing out if you haven’t tried this adult coloring trend! Color-by-numbers kits let you tune everything out and just zone in on what you’re doing. It’s both relaxing and creative.

Enjoy your me-time picnic moment at the park with Jack ‘n Jill Piattos.

Watch a movie or play games

You can stay at home and binge-watch the films you saved on your movie streaming list, or you can head out to the movie theaters. If you’re into gaming, catch up on those mobile or console games that you’ve been itching to play. Do not mind the hours you spend playing because you’re doing you!

Relax with a good book and a bubble bath

A soothing bath with a good book – or the latest copy of your favorite magazine? Yes, please! You can even light some aromatic candles, and play relaxing, semi-melancholic music. A good way to cap off a productive week.  

A little pause from your hectic life isn’t just a good thing; it’s a gift. Make it a point to set aside a day or two to reward yourself with a sacred me-time—while (of course) munching on your favorite Jack n’ Jill Piattos.

To learn more about Jack n’ Jill Piattos, visit its Facebook page. Shop Jack n’ Jill Piattos online or in supermarkets nationwide.  07/05/2022 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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