This 2-Step Routine will Make you Smell Awesome from Day to Night with Old Spice

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A shower regimen that will surely leave other wondering how you managed to keep your cool despite the summer heat.

How do real men start their day during the summer? With a shower, of course! But, do your products do as much as they say or do you just find yourself feeling self-conscious in the afternoon? Don’t worry, bro. Your wingman for life, Old Spice, has a thing (or two) to help you out.


Showering is not just something that you do before leaving the house. It’s a power-up before starting a new level, it’s the loading time before an awesome adventure, and most importantly, it’s something that lets you start your day with a clean slate. If there’s something most of us know already, it’s how one shower is not enough to keep you going all day. That was true until you had Old Spice in your life.

A surefire way of smelling good all day, everyday
Having the correct shower routine can help you in the greatest ways – boost your confidence, remove your worries, and smell like the ultimate alpha male. Here’s the 2-step routine you’ll need to follow to smell good and feel like a true man:


Step 1- Use the Old Spice Shower Gel for a refreshing shower that lets you have that irresistible and long-lasting scent all day, all night. Are you a Captain or a Wolfthorn? Doesn’t matter, man. After showering with this, you can let the world smell command and charm everyone with the scent of the open ocean, fresh sandalwood, and confidence.

Step 2
- Make sure you get the right product to seal the deal. Swipe on some Old Spice Invisible Deodorant or spray Old Spice Body Spray on each armpit and you won’t have to worry about sweat stains.

Trust us, after you do this, you’ll feel legendary! Have a #SmellThatNeverDies shop these manly essentials on Lazada and Shopee now! 05/17/2022 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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