GCash Offers Manpower Agencies a Time-Saving Payroll Disbursement System

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For manpower agencies, which have thousands of employees deployed in different offices and locations, transitioning to a cashless payroll disbursement platform was critical during the pandemic.

Aside from the complicated logistics and health risks of actual cash handling during the pandemic, manpower agencies also spent long hours to manually keep track of salaries, actual work hours, and promotion or position changes. When there are mistakes in computations, it also takes time to trace and fix them. With these inconvenient and time-consuming problems made worse by restrictions during the pandemic, manpower agencies needed a more agile solution to ensure that their employees get paid the correct salaries on time, wherever they are, in a safe and secure manner.  

A cashless disbursement platform like GCash PowerPay, a fast and secure digital payroll solution for salaries, allowances, incentives and more, provided the answer.  
GCash PowerPay Plus also enables companies to disburse tactical incentives and allowances for their workers through vouchers that can be used for over 75,000 merchants nationwide. Currently, there are over 300 manpower agencies that benefit from GCash’s seamless and cashless payroll system, including Regcris Marketing Network Inc, MAR Employment for Good Services, Inc., and Wizard Manpower and Allied Services.

“With GCash PowerPay Plus, we are able to provide manpower agencies improved efficiency with their payroll disbursement process which is very critical during the pandemic. It’s a win-win proposition for both the company and its employees – the disbursement process is easier and more efficient, while employees get fast and convenient access to their salaries to support their families, while staying safe,” said Martha Sazon, president and CEO of GCash.

GCash AVP for Enterprise Kim Pineda also added, “Enabling these agencies to go cashless with a rapid payroll disbursement system also means we’re helping them achieve a higher satisfaction rate with their employees. GCash PowerPay Plus also helps agencies to save time from the manual processing so they can proceed with other works more efficiently.”

Aside from this, GCash has also helped agencies to easily keep a record of transactions for budgeting purposes. “With GCash, we can easily generate transaction logs with date, time, amount and status which help us to budget and forecast our monthly reports,” said Ermylen Daileg, treasury assistant of Regcris Marketing Network.

With a cashless payroll disbursement, not only can employees receive their salaries hassle-free, but they also have quick access to remittance, bills payments, and bank transfer features on the GCash app. Plus, they can conveniently buy essentials in numerous stores which accept QR payments from GCash.

“GCash is one of the best mobile wallets so far -- fast transaction and convenient to use especially during this pandemic. You don’t need to transact over the counter just to pay for your bills, to deposit in other banks, and so on. It also helps me a lot with my small business because most of my customers use GCash as a mode of payment,” said Hanah Jerthy Turalba, an employee at Wizard Manpower & Allied Services.

Thanks to GCash, these manpower agencies were able to have a safe and efficient payroll disbursement system, making it convenient for both the companies and employees.

For more information on how your company can partner with GCash, visit www.gcash.com. 10/29/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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