A Convenient Way to Invest in Global Equities with AXA Philippines Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds

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Investing always comes with a certain level of risk, and one of the considerations of an investor when choosing where to invest is how he can balance the likelihood of achieving investment success while also being able to mitigate risks. No one knows for certain which investments or which markets will perform better in the future, so by spreading out investment options, you minimize the risk of losses in the event of market downturns.  Also, as the recent market events have shown, some countries respond to crisis better than others. With that, diversification also means putting your eggs in various baskets, or in this case, various other economies.

Now, diversification is easier with AXA Philippines’ Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds, a new investment vehicle that gives customers access to global investments with one’s peso-denominated insurance policy.

“The Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds make global investing more accessible for Filipinos. With this and AXA’s financial advisors, we can guide more customers in diversifying through global investing and help them achieve their life goals more conveniently,” said Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and chief executive officer.

Customers can now diversify in global investments and switch funds seamlessly from local to global funds. The Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds comes with the Global Advantage Fund (GAF), which allows you to ride on the momentum of leading technology companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Investors can take advantage of the trends in digital innovation as these US technology companies lead the global trend.

Also included among the Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds is the Global Dynamic Allocation Fund-Growth, which gives investors access to global equities in different parts of the world such as in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and emerging markets.  It is managed by AXA’s global asset managers, which actively allocates in different regions, economies, and industries to create a fully diversified investment solution.  Because of its diverse scope, the GDAF-Growth is not reliant on one country or one industry in finding investment opportunities. The fund automatically re-balances its allocation in different countries and industries to adjust to market conditions and avoid adverse market movements.

Access to these global investments will be available under the peso policy through various AXA Philippines products such as Asset Master and MyLifeChoice.

Asset Master is a one-time payment insurance and investment plan. Aside from the opportunity to put your money in international funds, Asset Master comes with 125% guaranteed life insurance benefit on your investment that will help you secure your legacy for generations to come. Likewise, MyLifeChoice is a protection and investment plan that allows policyholders to personalize their policies according to their unique needs and priorities and with the help of a financial advisor. It comes with a Start-up Bonus on day one of your policy, which is equivalent to 70 percent of your first year premium invested in an AXA fund when you keep your investment for the long term.

Now you have a chance to expand your investment portfolio globally right here in the Philippines with AXA Philippines’ Peso-Denominated Dollar Funds. To know more, visit https://www.axa.com.ph/savings-investment/asset-master and https://www.axa.com.ph/mylifechoice/goals or talk to a financial partner via the landline  +632 8 5815-292. 09/03/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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