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“Take what you need, give what you can”. This is the famous line that started the now-famous Maginhawa community pantry in Quezon City. Inspired by this noble bayanihan act, community pantries have sprouted across the Philippines to   provide food for those who are greatly affected by the pandemic.

Community pantries spread nationwide with more than a hundred carts across the country. As unemployment rate keeps increasing, more and more families are unsure when their next meal will be. This bayanihan somehow helps put food on their table. With the generosity of fellow Filipinos, community pantries strive and exhibits respect and consideration for others.

Being on a lockdown did not stop the bayanihan spirit from spreading across the country. Many have initiated donation drives online to support the community pantries. Our farmers and fishermen have also donated fresh produce, while some donated groceries and cash. Then there are those who thought of selling their pre-loved items and donating part of the proceeds to community pantries in their area.

Users of Carousell Fredda and Val (@freddaruth) and Rae (@rae_angelei), for instance, found a way to raise money to support their respective community pantries.  

Fredda started a community pantry at an urban alley in Caloocan City where many did not even receive cash aid during the lockdown and had to survive mostly on daily wages. “We started a community pantry and funds are still needed to keep it going until the end of lockdown.”   

She started selling some of her personal items like branded shoes and books to raise funds. “Technically, I am not really part of that baranggay, pero inextend ko na lang yung imagination ko na maybe my “community” should not be limited to my barangay or town lang”.

Like Fredda,  Carouselller @rae_angelei used the online classifieds platform to  help out. “I just want to help. I have asthma so it’s not the safest for me to go out and buy groceries to donate to pantries. I had all these things that I could sell on my Carousell so it just made sense to donate some of the profits,” she said in an Instagram post.  

Both Carousellers, pledged the 50% of the profits to go to community pantries in the metro. Choose to help and be kind especially in these times of pandemic. Filipinos helping Filipinos.  

You can buy directly from their Carousell accounts @rae_angelei and @freddaruth on these links:

Let’s support and take part in this humble initiative to help our community. You may donate directly to the community pantries in your area; or you can start selling your pre-loved items on and donate proceeds to your chosen area. 

Visit, register and log in. Snap photos of the items to sell and start posting. 05/15/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal) 


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