5 Great Perks of Working From Home

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You can personalize your work area, do more of what you love, and spend more time with family – these are just some of the perks of this new normal work set up

It has been a year since most of the companies in the country shifted to a work-from-home (WFH) setup, and despite being the best alternative to stay safe while working, not everybody thinks it makes the best employment arrangement. 

There are a lot of things and activities that are terribly missed when working in a physical office, but working at home has great perks as well. Carousell Philippines, the country’s leading online classified platform, created this video  of its employees, showing how they have been thriving while working from home for the past year.  

1. You can spruce up your workstation any way you want

In a WFH setup, you are your own boss -- in designing your home office, at least -- as you can arrange your workstation to your preferred style. Shares Rapha Lomotan, brand/social strategist, “I set up my home office with my BTS collection in the backdrop, which really inspires me every day because I get to see my idols whenever I work.”

2. You get to adopt a new hobby or just do more of what you really love

You can use the extra hours to do your favorite activities that you would only have time for during weekends. “Now I can easily get my neighbors to play with my board games. That actually saves time, since we can really play right away,” explains Joans Mateo, auto leads.

With your free time, you can also discover new hobbies and activities that you didn’t get the chance to do pre-pandemic. “I now utilize the hours I used to spend for commuting to get more rest and to learn a new hobby to improve myself,” narrates Audrey Martinez, regional marketing associate.

3. You get to bond more with your family

Probably the best benefit to working from home is being closer to your family and having more time to bond with them. Says Karl Magsuci, head of autos, “With a WFH setup, I get to see my son every day and spend time with him as I work.”

4. You no longer get stuck in horrible traffic

Employees who transitioned to working from home get a break from Manila’s daily traffic congestion. Relates Marita Galvez, fashion lead, “I just realized how stressful it is to go to work and begin the day already tired or in a bad mood because of the traffic.Today my commute is super light -- I just wake up, get ready, and just walk three steps to my home office.”

5. You can be more focused at your job within the safety of home

A WFH setup allows you to do your work tasks with more concentration, safely. Carousell Philippines general manager Raffy Montemayor says this is the most important pro when they decided to shift to this work arrangement.

“It is our mission to make buying and selling online more accessible for every Filipino, and do it safely not only for our customers but also for our employees who serve them. Carousell Philippines is continuing its100% work from home setup the entire 2021 and will extend this to 2021 if needed, to continue providing for our customers’ needs while keeping in mind the safety of our employees,” explains Montemayor.

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught Filipino employees, it is making everything work despite the limitations they face and continue doing their jobs the best way they can. Along the way, they are able to discover new ways to effectively serve others and even better ways to improve themselves as individuals.  

Carousell is now hiring! For more information about jobs in Carousell, visit here. 04/16/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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