Six Tips to Help Female Leaders Achieve their Goals

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As more and more women take top leadership roles, it becomes even more apparent that that they are just as capable of being strong commanders in politics, business, health, and beyond.

In celebration of Women’s History Month, AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance providers, offers goal-setting tips for female leaders who want to achieve more for themselves and for the people around them:

Write your goals down. Using a visual tool, such as writing, makes goals more tangible and gives you a clearer picture of what you want to achieve, be it in life or at work. When you write down your goals, not only do you become emotionally engaged, but you are also able to set deadlines and actionable steps on what needs to be done to achieve them.

Say no to fear. For many years, most women lived in fear of being judged and talked down to, thus preventing them from reaching their full potential. Break down these barriers by focusing on yourself: practice positive self-talk, never be afraid to ask for help or a second opinion when you’re doubting yourself, and don’t be concerned about what other people might think.

Turn weaknesses to strengths. Society has ingrained in women that their capabilities are limited. Use this as motivation to turn weaknesses as opportunities for self-growth. If a project you’re working on didn’t work the first time, consider another approach until you reach your goal. If you hit a roadblock, think through the problem. Just don’t give up and walk away.  

Delegate and utilize people’s talents. Working closely with a team helps you know their strengths and skills and gain different perspectives. Their talent is a strategic asset, so keep them involved and encourage them to pursue creative ways to utilize their skills to achieve your shared goals.

Invest in yourself. It’s natural for women to wear many hats. Even with so much on their plate, they are flexible, agile, and able to take on many challenges. As a female leader, you’re more than capable. Start by learning more, develop new skills, or explore your creative side. When you know more, you’re able to discover your limitations or explore different ways to realize your goals or ambitions.

Celebrate your wins. Achieving your goals takes a lot of work. So revel in the feelings of pride and satisfaction when you’ve accomplished a goal. Take time to celebrate your little wins with the people who have helped you get to where you are. You deserve it!

In AXA, we recognize the important role played by women not just at work but also at home. Since January 2017, AXA has implemented the global parenting policy, which provides 16 weeks paid maternity leave and four weeks paid paternal leave for newborn parents.

As part of AXA’s corporate social responsibility, we launched Finlit 101: What’s Your Game Plan, which aims to provide grassroots training on the topics of financial planning, savings and investment for public schools, universities, cooperatives, and micro-finance institutions. Through this program, AXA is able to empower educators and women in local communities to raise awareness on the value of savings, and to highlight the importance of insurance in proper money management.

In observance of International Women’s Day and National Women’s Month, AXA Philippines participated in the global theme of #ChooseToChallenge through social media posts of CEO Rahul Hora and other members of the executive leadership team. As an internal campaign, employees were encouraged to post a “Choose to Challenge” statement on Workplace@Facebook to raise funds for the Virlanie Foundation, an NGO that cares and provides for young girls and boys in need of protection.

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