Empowered Woman! Meet Architect Kaydee Marie Velasco - a Filipina, a CEO & President of KMVAsia Corp, and an American Association of the Philippines Board!

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"Work towards your vision on empowering the future, by innovating and maintaining a sustainable & resilient ecosystem..."

- Arch. Kaydee Marie Velasco, 2021


Architect Kaydee Marie Velasco of KMV Asia Development Corporation is a very inspiring Filipina who is part of the board of directors under one of the oldest American Organisation in the Philippines that will celebrate its 73rd Anniversary this May 22, 2021 with a George Washington Ball.  

American Association of the Philippines elected Architect Kaydee for her valuable support and dedication to the organization. Her passion and dedication in helping the community and indigents further prove that she is truly well-suited for the role.

More about Architect Kaydee, she is a young thought leader on sustainability in real estate and development. She specializes in creating thoughtful, strategic, and expert solutions for a multitude of urban industries including construction, architecture, and design - creating a diverse, learned assessment on real estate.  

Architect Kaydee founded the KMVAsia which started as an Architectural Design Firm known as KMV Architectural Design Creations in 2013. As the company expanded its portfolio in project management, fit-out construction, and real estate development management, it grew and evolved into a Property Developer named KMVAsia Development Corporation in 2016. 

KMVAsia develops projects such as township developments, vertical & horizontal residential developments, commercial mall projects, boutique hotels, and other hospitality projects. With its young and dynamic team, KMVAsia also offers services in master planning, green architecture, interior design, design solutions, engineering, fit-out construction, sustainability rating, consultancy and real estate development management.

For further details, you may also check out the official site of KMVAsia at https://kmv-asia.com.

You are truly a very inspiring woman Arch. Kaydee! We salute you! 03/12/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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