2020 SEAOIL's Lifetime Free Gas (LFG) Promo Winners Announced!

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SEAOIL's Lifetime Free Gas (LFG) Promo, the only one in the world that awards a lifetime supply of free gas to its winners, has recently concluded its 4th-year run.

The three new lucky SEAOIL customers who are breaking free from GAStos starting this year after bagging the grand prize are Antonio C. Goze, Jr., a delivery rider from Luzon; Larry Lopez, a criminology university teacher from the Visayas, and Bhea Quebral, a college student from Mindanao.

"After I lost my main source of income during the lockdown, I had to be resourceful to support my four children," Goze said. "To earn more, my partner and I started an ukay-ukay business while I also worked as a delivery rider. I tried my luck and joined the SEAOIL Lifetime Free Gas Promo, knowing that the free fuel will reduce my daily gasoline expenses. I thank SEAOIL from the bottom of my heart for giving me this opportunity to bring home a higher income for my family."

For Lopez, who hails from Iloilo, SEAOIL has always been his fuel of choice. "Since my first car purchase about five years ago, I have always preferred SEAOIL because of its quality and affordability for an average worker like me. After all these years of fueling up with SEAOIL, I feel especially rewarded winning the Lifetime Free Gas Promo. Aside from the fuel savings, it will allow me to visit my only child who is in her grandmother's care in Kalibo, Aklan, more frequently."

Quebral, a college student from Davao del Sur, goes out once in a while to get her modules using her family's motorcycle. When any of them goes out, they make sure to gas up at SEAOIL to collect receipts that they'll exchange for an LFG promo coupon. "Winning the Lifetime Free Gas Promo is a big blessing for our family. The savings and possible income we can get from our free fuel will help with our finances," Quebral said.

In addition to the three grand prize winners, SEAOIL drew three winners of a one-year supply of free gas. Also, 120 customers all over the country won P3,000 worth of fuels, and lastly, over P2M worth of instant prizes were given away.

"Bringing back the SEAOIL Lifetime Free Gas Promo was one of SEAOIL's initiatives to help Filipino motorists bounce back from the impact of the pandemic," Glenn Yu, CEO of SEAOIL Philippines, said. "We'll continue to look for more ways to help Filipino motorists move forward in 2021."

The SEAOIL LFG Promo now has 15 grand winners. Nine of them are from Luzon, four from Mindanao, and two from the Visayas. 03/05/2021 (The Lifestyle Portal)


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