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Most of us today were into fitness and into a healthy lifestyle. We have some many things to do to keep ourselves healthy. But what if we encountered health issues?  

Let me introduce to you a type of healthy therapy. Here it goes.

If you're battered by health problems and you're trying to find a solution, it's likely you've come across mention of the Myers' Cocktail a couple of times. While the word cocktail could turn you away, it's really a really powerful vitamin infusion that may be the secret to transforming your well being.

So what is Myers’ cocktail?

John Myers, M.D., was a doctor from Maryland who made his name by treating patients within travenous injections of nutrients. He claimed that bringing nutrients into the body in IV form could treat a number of chronic disorders, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Migraine, and Allergy. Myers' cocktail was named after the late physician who developed it to honor his work in the IV Therapy Field.

Myers' cocktail is made up of magnesium , calcium, multiple B vitamins and vitamin C. It is combined with distilled water and given as an IV for a duration of between 10 minutes and 1hour. While only one or two medications may be used to relieve acute conditions such as sinus infection or upper respiratory infection, chronic diseases may benefit from the Myers cocktail as much as once a week for a month.

How can it improve your health?

By-the amount of essential vitamins and minerals in the blood, rather than depending on less effective oral nutrients, the Myers cocktail is intended to supply the body with the resources it requires to recover. 

Placing too many nutrients directly in the bloodstream often helps circumvent any nutritional absorption problems that may potentially hinder the body from being nourished.Many patients who undergo a Myers cocktail experience an intense energy boost that lasts days or even weeks. Pressure reduces, signs of health conditions become less apparent, and the immune system functions more efficiently. In addition to treating asthma, migraines,exhaustion, chronic pain, muscle spasms, respiratory and sinus infections, and allergies, Myers' Cocktail can also help to alleviate depression, anxiety, persistent stress, and hormonal imbalances.

Now that you already know about the Myers' Cocktail and its health benefits, the question goes, where can avail this type of therapy? What clinic should I go? Great thing there is the so-called The Room and Butler Lifestyle Clinic for Men.

Room and Butler is a professional skin clinic, designed for the modern man. It's an I.V. Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine for every gentleman. 

Moreover, Room and Butler is a "hole in the wall man cave" cozily tucked inside the lavish barbershop My Mama Said and 9 Groom Street Car Wash, and is situated along the quaint Malumanay street in Sikatuna Village Quezon City. This is a total lifestyle grooming hub for the Modern Gentleman. It was established in March of this year, and as early as its inception, the unfortunate pandemic has hit the world and of course like all other businesses, has greatly affected the clinic as well. Though RNB has been positive about its operation, what keeps the clinic going is its advocacy now more than ever, to promote an overall balance of skin, body, and therefore, mental health. Apart from the skincare services such as Ultrasculpt, Microneedling, Performers Facial, Cautery, Diode, and more, Room and Butler is more keen on promoting its IV Therapy Services, specifically Myers' Cocktail IV Drip (which is priced at an incredibly lower price range than the bigger names in the Aesthetic clinic industry). As I have mentioned about, Myers' Cocktail has numerous health benefits.

RNB also launched IV THERAPY HOME SERVICE, where our Aesthetic Nurse specialist (with PPE, and has undergone Rapid Test) will go to where the client wants to book the service. More than your health, RNB values Safety more than ever.

To know more about Room and Butler or to avail its services, you may visit and like their Social Media pages via: 


So let's start to live healthy! Let's fight the crisis by making ourselves fit and healthy! Thanks for the Myers' Cocktail and Room and Butler for leading us to a healthy lifestyle! 10/02/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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