PCI Hub LMS: Preparing Filipino Students for E-Learning

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As the country hopes to adjust to the New Normal brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, PCI Tech Center, one of the pioneers in education technology in the Philippines, continues to provide quality education to help Filipinos in these trying times.

The Company’s online platform and generated contents are now accessible on any available devices, from smartphones to tablets, from laptops to desktops, and can run by various operating systems (OS) without compromising the veracity and substance. PCI Tech uses Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality while developing interactive and immersive videos, mobile applications and games, making education fun and interesting despite the blended learning arrangement. The Company established partnerships with different schools and institutions to ensure that the system is apt and aligned with the curricula, that it is necessary and relevant in the digital world.

PCI Hub, the Company’s online learner-centered Learning Management System (LMS), recently unveiled the improved functions of the system and now has a College Entrance Exam Reviewer (CEER), a customized interactive reviewer. Some of the key features of the new PCI Hub LMS are:

Student Learning Management System

By reinventing the traditional classroom and way of learning, PCI Hub LMS allows the user to facilitate the usual activities online. Students may access lessons in the form of modules or videos anytime and anywhere they want. They can attend classes while still doing their responsibilities at home or at work.

Interactive Assessment

With the help of technology, PCI Hub paves the way for educators to create a more fun and engaging learning process. It creates new modes of presenting and analyzing information which can increase the retention rate of the student.

Parent/ Guardian Role

Another highlight of PCI Hub is the Parent Account feature for the supportive mommies and daddies who may add their children's account and assign certain subjects to them. They also have the ability to track the progress of their child on each subject they take.

Teacher Role

Through LMS, teachers can be more flexible in providing feedback to the student. Metrics embedded within the course can also be generated for them to evaluate the students better. Currently, this role is being used by PCI in-house teachers.
Knowledge Channel Videos

In partnership with Knowledge Channel, your favorite Sineskwela and Mathdali are also available on the platform, 'Di ba ang saya matuto?’

PCI believes that young minds should not stop learning and thinking most especially in these trying times. It is the company’s strategy to maximize technological innovation to champion accessible and affordable quality education. It strives to meet the needs of Filipino students through sustainable digital solutions.

With PCI Innovations Tech Center, Inc. let’s #SimplifyLearning! For more details visit facebook.com/PCITechCenter or website info@pcitech.com.ph 07/15/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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