Celebrating Mother’s Day During Lockdown

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Lockdown or no lockdown, we need to celebrate Mother’s Day to let our mom know how much we appreciate her support and sacrifices for the family. But since we can’t call her friends or have a big party during the pandemic, we need to find ways to make mom feel loved and pampered on this special day. 

With just a little planning and creativity, Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions company, shares these easy and fun ideas to put a big smile on Mom’s face come Mother’s Day.

Breakfast in bed. Start off Mother’s Day by waking up early (before mom wakes up!) and cooking her breakfast. This early, make a plan to order or set aside ingredients for her breakfast favorites so that they will be ready for the occasion. On the morning of Mother’s Day, line up your ingredients, turn on your gas stove and start cooking! Make sure there’s something on the breakfast tray to make her smile – a small bouquet of flowers, a greeting card or a note from everyone in the family.

Set up a virtual party. You may be far away from your relatives but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Mother’s Day together. Host a virtual party through video call and share a toast to the moms in your family who live in different parts of the country or the world.

Play fun games. Enjoy simple activities to get the whole family active or creative. Divide the family in groups and enjoy fun and competitive games such as charades, Pictionary, or trivia quizzes. Try putting a spin on the games by coming up with mom-related questions or themes.

Put together a care package. Our moms would definitely appreciate tangible mementos to show her how much we love them. The care package doesn’t have to be expensive or grand — it could be do-it-yourself greeting cards and self-care products like scented candles and soaps that you can easily make with the help of online tutorials.

Treat her to a D-I-Y spa day. Give your mom a much-needed facial using natural ingredients at home. For instance, you can cleanse her face by dampening it with water and then spreading honey all over it to leave the skin feeling soft, smooth and supple. You can also opt to achieve the same effect on her skin by exfoliating with a facial scrub. To make one at home, try combining one teaspoon ground oatmeal with a teaspoon of honey and a teaspoon of olive oil. Massage on her face and then rinse.

Make this year’s Mother’s Day celebration a unique and memorable one by following these simple ideas from Solane. For more information on Solane, visit www.solane.com.ph. 05/06/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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