Healthy Mindset is Her Strength

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Online show host Izel Abanilla constantly set her mood, aura and feelings at healthy levels for her interviews to give viewers good vibes

By Wilbur Wilbur

Now that we are all in these times of fear, uncertainty and even reluctance over physically close with one another, we must also never run out of ways to either remain optimistic and hopeful, or simply maintain a sound mind and healthy outlook, add there the care we must do for ourselves and other people to help our and other people's health.

Online host and celebrity interviewer Izel Abanilla simply has this happy and healthy attitude when at work ----be on air, at premiere events, and media launches for her coverage.

Still young at 28, the UST Journalism major never thinks of herself to be better than anyone else. "It is better to feel always happy and see the job to be fun and enjoyable po, kase malamang na malamang may magandanf results eh. Ganon lamg talaga ako when we host Showbiz Live.

With the wonderful roster of stars she has already guested on the digital platform, Izel can swank sort of credentials her episodes are. From Ian Veneracion, Nathalie Hart to Ina Raymundo to yes, Yorme Isko Moreno. But the attractive host prefersvto move along and humbly says "there are so many other big stars pa na I want to guest. Effort lang with healthy mindset and positively hoping to successfully tap them".

In the case of herself being a digital host with an already increasing number of followers and likers, Izel slowly develops her owns style of interviewing to make the show and her unique in a way. "Id like to say my hosting style is very casual. I make my guests feel comfortable with me, I make them feel at home. I always see to it that I do not intimidate them so they can feel like they are conversing with a friend". But while she listens to their answers Izel never forgets her main points for interviews. "First off, I get to their personality. So I can adjust whether my way of talking as well as my line of questions follow through well. Second is the latest going-on in a certain celebrity's life. And third what I feel is what the people need/want to know about the subject na puro positive dapat kase dapat inspiration sila sa mga manonood sa online eh".

This brings us to why Izel is now gradually having a recall. Her healthy happy attitude is becoming her strength. "Basically po kase, it's the relaxed feel of the interview but still a no-holds-barred flow of questioning. We make sure people get what they want. While I make sure masaya at positive ang interview.

Like three other digital interviewers this correspondent knows...Rocky, Ted, Alexa and Josephine as they are known in the Blog universe, Izel is likewise this gem who we should always anticipate and watch online. 03/31/2020 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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