Discovering Your Child’s Gift with PROMIL® FOUR’s Spot the Gift Test

Jamil Macapantao
The singer, the artist, and the dancer. At a young age, it is very common for children to show their interests or gifts without being conscious of what they are. And over time, these can bloom into something very special.

Nurturing your child's talent or gift starts with discovering it. In order to help your child reach his full potential, it helps to first discover exactly what he is good at.

Now, it's easy for parents to discover and nurture their child's gift with PROMIL® FOUR’s Spot the Gift tool. Visit, sign up with the information needed, and you’re all set to try it out! 

PROMIL® FOUR’s Spot the Gift tool is like a multiple choice personality/behavior test that you can answer based on observations about your child. After completing it, you can discover the possible gifts that your child might have the Musical Gift, Bodily-kinesthetic Gift, the Spatial Relation Gift, the Naturalist Gift, the Interpersonal Gift, the Intrapersonal Gift, the Linguistic Gift, or the Logical-Mathematical Gift.

“As a mom, knowing my child's gift is advantageous as at an early stage, I am able to support him realize his full potential. Nurturing his gift will all the more make him feel certain about his talents, which is a great confidence booster. I was able to confirm my son's unique gift when I took the PROMIL® FOUR’s Spot the Gift test." –Mommy Berlin

“I thought I already know all of Gwen's talents. But after taking Promil Four's Spot The Gift test, I'm glad that she has other gifts like Linguistic and Intrapersonal Gifts. Dahil dyan, mas magiging equipped na ako to understand and support her needs.” –Mommy Badet

Once you know which gifts your child has, you can tailor-fit activities he engages in to further help nurture them and bring out the best in him.

Spot the Gift was inspired by Prof. Thomas Armstrong Ph.D.’s “Multiple Intelligences” Theory. Prof Armstrong is a Multiple Intelligences expert and Executive Director of the American Institute for Learning and Human Development. The Spot the Gift tool was then validated by Dr. Leticia Peñano-Ho, President of Philippine Center for Gifted Education.

PROMIL® FOUR believes that every child is born with a gift, and they deserve nothing but the best care to help nurture and harness that potential for their success. Discover your child’s unique gift first with PROMIL® FOUR’s Spot the Gift test to nurture his gift as he grows. Visit or scan the QR code below and take the test now! 08/28/2019 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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