Sophia Bianca: The Alicia Keys Wannabe

Jamil Macapantao
Get to know the newest singer, a fresh new talent with a voice so powerful like the international singer Alicia Keys. She is no other than, Sophia Bianca.

Yes, Sophia just turned 18 today! It's her debut! But according to her, instead of spending her debut into a huge party, they prefer to celebrate it via an album launch!

We attended Sophia's exclusive blogcon where she released her first single called "In Love Eyes."  And during her blogcon, she gave us a sample song singing a version of Alicia Keys hit.

During our Q & A, we were able to get to know Sophia better! Here is our video coverage during the event:

On her Facebook Fanpage, Sophia wrote the following notes:

Watch out! for my first single "In Loves Eyes" composed by Grammy awardee, Gerard McMann.

In writing, singing & creating the masterpiece "Cry Little Sister" as the theme song to the now classic film "THE LOST BOYS," Gerard McMann hit a deep & provocative nerve in his artistic career of creativity in doing so. Only thing was, when the film released in 1987, he was fed up with the music scene's "business" and stopped touring.

He then changed his name to G TOM MAC as a result of no one ever pronouncing his real name correctly. G TOM MAC went on to write songs for legendary singers such as Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin and Roger Daltrey of The Who. An array of contemporary Hip Hop artists, such as Ice Cube and Digable Planets, as well as KISS, Carly Simon and Eminem started to cover G Tom Mac's songs. G Tom Mac earned a Grammy on Eminem's "RECOVERY" album in which Eminem sampled him in the song "You're Never Over."

Having had songs in over 50 films; more than 100 TV shows that still continue to license G Tom Mac's music, it all adds up to in his words "staying fresh and being true to my fans in creating believable music that they feel from me. That's my thrill!" #SophiaBiancaMusic

Meanwhile, here is our another exclusive interview video with Sophia:

So are you excited for more new songs from Sophia?! Definitely! She is truly a promising star in the making! Good luck Sophia! 06/15/2019 (The Lifestyle Portal by Yam Macapantao)

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