Guide to Optimal Health and Wellness On-The-Go: PruLife UK Introduces myDNA Pro Mobile App to Jumpstart your Fitness Journey

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A holistic approach to physical health, from exercising regularly to maintaining proper dietary and sleeping habits, is key to maintaining a fast-paced lifestyle. To empower individuals to better understand their health needs and achieve their wellnessgoals, Pru Life UK haspartnered with Hong Kong-based Prenetics Limited to introduce the myDNAPromobile app–an easy-to-use tool with exciting and unique features that provide personalized health and wellness recommendations according to one’s DNA. 

The app that helps you author your future

The myDNA Pro mobile appis available to all customers ofPru Life UK’s myDNA Pro Bundle, an innovative solution that combines insuravest – or investment-linked life insurance – with a health management solutionthrough the myDNA Pro Program. Via a nutrigenomic test, theprogramassesses a person’shealth risks and provides acomprehensive report which explains the way the individual responds to food and nutrients based on his genetic make-up.

To complement the report, the myDNAPro mobile app allows users to set up a one-time 30-minutephone call with a nutrition expert who will interpret the results and make personalized wellness recommendations. 

In addition,a health coach canbe consulted via chat at the comforts of one’s home, school, or office. Users can seek guidance on their health goals from their assigned personal health coach on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

The myDNAPro mobile app is the everyday partner in one’s journey to a healthier lifestyle as it can be used to track their health, including calorie intake and step count, throughout the day. The app also features a food photo diary which can be reviewed by the health coach for meals’ nutritional benefits.
Moreover,the health coach can guide users through a unique 16-week lifestyle programusing the information generated from their DNA. The program includes exercise routines, right food portion sizes or combinations that suit theirbody composition, and reaction to certain food and response to physical stressors. 

“Access to reliable diet and exercise routines is now easier with themyDNAPro mobile app. This innovative tool helps people who are determined to achieve their wellness goals to stay well-informedand motivated,” says Allan Tumbaga, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Pru Life UK. “With the myDNA Pro Program, people can make the right choicesregarding their health and take better charge of their future.”

To find out more about Pru Life UK’s myDNA Pro Bundle and various insuravest products, visit 07/09/2018 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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