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To help Filipino consumers get the best product at the best price, Vision Express offers a “First Frame Free” service wherein clients can have their eyeglass frame for free if they purchase lenses worth PhP2,490 and up. Customers can choose from a wide selection of curated branded frames that are valued at PhP1,990 and up depending on the type of lenses they bought. The “First Frame Free” service makes it easier for discerning customers to get their first pair of glasses or equip themselves with a spare pair. 

Every person who wears eyeglasses cannot rely on a one-size-fits-all solution, as vision cannot be compromised by settling with less than stellar versions available in the market.  They need their glasses to be custom fit to their unique needs because lenses cannot correct a problem they are not readily-equipped for. 

That’s why the eyewear authorities behind Vision Express carefully create and collect a selection lenses for every individual client, keeping in mind that these lenses need to correct a user’s vision in normal circumstances, and at the same time, meet certain lifestyle demands like playing sports, driving, or the prolonged use of digital devices.  

Fine-tuned solutions

To ensure that all clients are getting the perfect solution for their needs, Vision Express utilizes a honed 7-step eye exam to guarantee a precise diagnosis. This testing is carried out by an optometrist, free of charge, and without the hassle of having to secure an appointment. 

After the client fills out the form for his optical medical history and personal information, the tests begin. These range from the concise visual acuity test, which makes use of the eye chart, to the high-tech, machine-aided Subjective Refraction test, and the Auto-Refractometer test. 

These tests look for any indicators of damage or disease, test for depth and color perception, and measure the amount of refractive error to determine the prescription grade for glasses or contact lenses. These are done to make sure that the assessment is thorough, and that no reasons for potential optical impairment have been missed. Once the assessment is complete, the fun part begins — choosing a lens. 

The widest quality selection possible

At Vision Express, clients are spoiled for choice. Not only does the shop carry a large number of fashionable and functional frames, but there is also no limit to the lenses that they can create for you. 

Partnered with the Israel-based lens manufacturer Shamir, the global innovation leader in eyewear, Vision Express boasts of the largest possible selection of an optical shop in the Philippines, including the revolutionary Shamir Blue Zero, a lens technology only available at Vision Express.  

What’s more, Vision Express can customize your lenses to suit any lifestyle need. Does your active lifestyle demand that you utilize progressive lenses that also have complete UV ray protection to avoid the hassle of switching glasses? Ask for the Sunscription lenses. Want super clear glasses that mimic the visual quality of natural sight? You may want to check out Shamir Autograph III lenses. Worried that extended periods in front of a digital device can lead to long-term damage to your vision? Go for the amazing Shamir Blue Zero that blocks out harmful blue light!

Whatever your needs are and whatever your prescription grade, Vision Express is committed to providing you with the perfect custom pair of glasses. Let us help you reach your best potential and live your best life through your perfect vision by Vision Express. Visit us at (The Lifestyle Portal)

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