AXA Philippines Introduces Financial Needs Analysis Platform

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AXA Philippines, one of the country’s leading insurance companies, recently launched its Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) platform, as part of its commitment to empower people to live the life they choose by helping them create a solid financial game plan. The launch event was held on November 28, 2017 at the AXA Philippines head office in GT Tower International in Makati City.

The FNA is both a service and a tool that an AXA financial coach (or advisor) can use to explain to the customer in easy terms why life protection is important, especially in cases of unforeseen setbacks and emergencies. The financial coach can then help bridge the gap between where a customer is and where he wants to be, allowing the latter to set S.M.A.R.T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound) goals, get a clear picture of his finances, and create a suitable financial plan towards making his dreams come true.

During the FNA session, a prospective customer will be asked to identify his current life stage and priorities—a key step in the process as financial needs change and become more complex as people grow older. The financial coach will then explain the advantages of different types of protection, and recommend the type of financial plan to make the customer’s vision a reality.

The FNA tool is complemented by the eFNA Lite, a page on the AXA Philippines website that offers the same functionality and benefits as the FNA tool, but with faster and easier implementation. The full-version FNA tool requires the assistance of a financial coach from AXA, while the eFNA Lite can be used by the customer by himself and within a shorter period. The eFNALite session ends with an invitation to connect with a real financial coach, should you already decide to start crafting that winning financial game plan.

“The introduction of the FNA platform and the eFNA Lite website enables our customers to choose a plan that is suitable to their priorities in life,” says Rahul Hora, AXA Philippines president and CEO. “It creates a conversation, a connection, and a relationship with our agents, allowing them to grow with AXA.” 

Visit to get started on a session, or to get in touch with a financial coach to get started on your journey to executing your game plan so you can live the life you choose. 01/24/2018 (The Lifestyle Portal) 

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