BLIMS Brings the Best Moments with your Love Ones

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Furniture is essential in making a house a home - welcoming and beautiful. It is even more special for its power to help create memories with families and friends.

As BLIMS Fine Furniture celebrates its 40th year, it highlights different stories of families from different generations who have had their special moments with their BLIMS furniture pieces.

Philanthropist Virgie Navarro and daughter Beng Feliciano, co-founder of The Parenting Emporium, consider their BLIMS furniture as  investment pieces.“When I was young, my mom always brought me to BLIMS. It was our bonding activity. After I had my own family, she would always tell me to buy from BLIMS because of the items’ quality, price and timelessness,” Feliciano says.

Among the favorite pieces of mother and daughter is a wooden chest of drawers bought many years ago. “It’s still very much intact until now,” says Navarro. “I gave it to my grandchild who uses it in her room.”

For young parents Jorem and Shiela Catilo quality furniture pieces create lasting family memories. 

Philanthropist Virgie Navarro and daughter Beng Feliciano consider their furniture as investment pieces.

Kelly Misa’s son Tristan, slept soundly when they tried one of the mattresses at the Blims Sleep Clinic

New mom and model Kelly Misa saw the benefits of investing on a La-Z Boy and a good mattress. “When my son Tristan was born, he was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit due to infection. They had a recliner chair for the moms and I fell in love with it because that’s where I slept while nursing Tristan. I will always remember those precious bonding moments with my newborn son,” she said.

The mattress was also a prized possession. Misa says Tristan slept soundly when they tried one of the beds at BLIMS’ Mattress Gallery – a relaxing space where customers can try the top mattress brands in the country, including Ambassador, King Koil, Salem, Slumberland and Uratex Premium.

Misa who  looks for quality and comfort when buying furniture, opts for items that are child-friendly as her son who loves to move around. “I’d rather save up for a piece that we really love and we know will last 10 to 20 years. I’m confident that they can give us what we are looking for,” she says.

For young parents and professional photographers Jorem and Shiela Catilo, BLIMS is all about celebrating milestones. “The BLIMS sofa from my parents’ house has seen us through different stages in our lives—from boyfriend and girlfriend, engaged couple, newlyweds to parents,” says Jorem. 

As they establish their own family traditions, they hope their own BLIMS furniture pieces will also be part of their own story. “We have a sectional sofa where we can all fit. And that’s what we want—being able to enjoy something with the family,” says Shiela. “We want our kids to enjoy our home without fear of getting hurt or breaking something.” 

BLIMS Fine Furniture proves that it is not only a one-stop shop that provides appliance and furniture items. Its pieces are tools for creating and celebrating wonderful moments with families and friends. 

To know more about BLIMS Fine Furniture, go to or visit BLIMS branches near you. 12/06/2017 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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