Sodexo Mobile Pass: When Rewarding and Gifting Made Easy

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We are already on the era of millenials where technology and gadgets are dominating our lives. With just a click on our mobile phone, we can easily send information to the target recipients without the hassle of physical transportation. 

And since mobile is in great use, this device is then use to make gifting and rewarding easier. And that's the current product of Sodexo, the world's known leader of gift certificate.

Well definitely you were aware when we say Sodexo. Yes, just like you, when we say Sodexo, the first thing that will come on your mind is a GC or gift certificates. This is the one we often use in SM to buy gifts instead of money. But actually, my idea of gift certificates when I heard Sodexo eventually changed when I attended a Bloggers' Product Launch of Sodexo held in their main office in Lepanto Building, Makati City last April 27, 2017. 

To give you a quick idea, Sodexo is actually a huge company in Europe existing about 50 years ago. The companies major services involves welfare, infra, and rewarding. Rewarding is where the gift certificates fall. 

In the Philippines, their major service is rewarding and gifting. That is why Sodexo is always synonymous to gift certificate when we heard the word.

The Marketing Manager Discussing About Mobile Pass During the Launch

The Bloggers Who Attended the Product Launch Together with the Sodexo Officials

When always receive a Sodexo gift certificates in the form of a cheque-like piece of paper. As a blogger, I always receive a Sodexo GC as a form of token from the different events and media launches that I have attended. For some companies, they were giving a Sodexo GC as a form of reward to their employees.

But during the bloggers' product launch, Sodexo revealed their new product. A more hi-tech gifting and rewarding dubbed as the Mobile Pass.

The Sodexo Mobile Pass is as simple as a Pasaload.  You will receive a code with a corresponding amount in your mobile number from the one who availed a Sodexo GC for you. No more physical paper, just a text message which you can show to the merchant. 

How it works?! Well, check out the two flow charts below:

As an SMS, the Mobile Pass looks like the one below:

And of course, aside from its SMS version, there is also an Email version wherein you will receive the code via your email. And it looks like the one below:

The Mobile Pass either SMS or Email versions were as good as cash! You may simply show these to the participating merchants and you can then buy the products.

You can still buy the products from the merchants even if you don't bring a copy of an email or SMS just be sure you know the code or you have the barcode.

And yes, just like a pasaload, you can even forward your Mobile Pass SMS or emails to your relatives or friends that you want to use the code.

Meanwhile, here are the participating merchants where you can use your Sodexo GCs:

So sharing your gifts to your friends and rewarding your best employees were now made easy, more hi-tech! I already received mine both SMS and email. And I'm excited to use them!

You may even avail one and share your blessings to your friends and love ones in an easier way! 05/03/2017 (The Lifestyle Portal)

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