Sarah Geronimo Performs Ariana Grande's Number in the Kamillosan Launch

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The Popstar Princess Ms. Sarah Geronimo was introduced as the newest ambassadress of Kamillosan M Spray. During the event which was held on the Discovery Primea on April 21, 2017, they talked about how we can take care of our throat and how we can use our voice as a powerful tool to influence people.

There was also a guessing game for Sarah wherein the actress-singer will recognize different voices of the most important people in her life. 

And of course, the most entertaining part was the Sarah Geronimo performance which truly captivated the attention of the audience.

In the event, Sarah performed the Ariana Grande's hit song "Breaking Free."

Well without further talks, here is the video coverage of Sarah Geronimo's performance during the event as well as her voice guessing game:

And of course, here is the discussion video of the throat specialist and the show's hosts regarding on how we can take care of our throat:

The bloggers and the media present during the event also enjoyed the event as we were given a chance to play up stage an interpretative game using our voice and motion. And take note, we all won ion the said game! We got a powerful waterproof shower speaker!

The event indeed was another interesting and most interactive one! Great job to all! 04/26/2017 (he Lifestyle Portal)   

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