The Euromen and The Royale Business

Rocky Batara

Who are the so-called Euromen and how they were connected to the Royale Business Club Inc.?

Well, the Euromen were simply the members of the Royale business who were brought by its former president in Europe to enjoy life to the fullest! 

In our previous post, we had shared with you the issue of Royale company and its former president who resigned and put up his own business to compete his previous. 

A member of these Euromen group revealed about their days in Europe with the president. Sinama daw sila ng presidente para magsaya. Lahat ng gusto nila ay kanilang nakukuha pati magagandang babae na iba't iba ang lahi  sa halagang 75 Euros lamang. Lahat ng gastos sagot ng presidente. They didn't mind the price even these cost millions.

Well in our point of view, if you have these huge amount of money, spend it wisely. Ang pera kahit gaano kalaki, mabilis din itong nauubos at nawawala. Matuto tayong pahalagahan kung ano ang meron tayo. Hindi masamang magsaya at mag-enjoy. But at the end of the day, do you able think, may pera pa ba ako bukas?! Ang lahat ng bagay panandalian lang. Kung ano ang madali mong nakuha, madali ding mawawala.

Let's all deal with life in a smarter and more productive ways. (The Lifestyle Portal)

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